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I got interviewed!

Posted on: February 11, 2014

Last month I met author Matt Thyer.  He’s @feetforbrains on twitter, and he’s very nice.  When he e-mailed me and suggested an interview, my first thought was “sure, I’ll interview Matt Thyer, that will be neat!”.  And then he sent me back questions!  He was going to interview me!  How very flattering! Anyway, here’s a link to the very thoughtful interview. He asked very insightful questions. That last question he asked? I’ve never told anyone about that before. Also, there are some really cool articles on his blog, I really liked the one on solar panel cars.

I’ll be posting a review of Matt Thyer’s The Big Red Buckle in the next few days, along with his answers to my questions.  stay tuned!

8 Responses to "I got interviewed!"

That was fun! I commented over there. Hope you take the time to do what you talked about in that first-ever revelation.


I think that was a really good interview and ditto Carl above!
Lynn 😀


I have zero discipline. thanks a lot, twitter!


I’ve actually been thinking about ways to use it (if that’s ok with you) in the fantasy piece we talked about. I too, think it’s a wonderful idea, but I’d want to do it justice.


Enjoyed this interview so much, I’m going to share it on my own blog.


Nice interview. Speaker for the Dead by OS Card deals with life after death in the form of trees. It’s a wonderful book, despite all of the drama surrounding his societal views.


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