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Legendary Confusion photo dump

Posted on: February 7, 2014

Yes, yes, I know you’re all desperate to read 3500 words about all the panels I attended,  who stole the show at Opening Ceremonies, how I introduced myself to Sam Sykes, and what Cherie Priest was really doing in the bar on a friday night (rolling for an assassin).

but more than that, you want to read about how to  build a Dalek.

but even more than that, you want to see photos! Okay, here ya go! (Dalek building post is coming soon. Sooner than the post about panels)

2014-01-17 15.49.39 smallthe foldable keep-in-your-pocket panel program, or at least part of it.  they tease!  making it look like it’s possible to get everything done that I want to get done!

He greeted you in the lobby

He greeted you in the lobby

Authors at the Reddit AMA. see those gauntlets at the front of the table? no, not the bottles of Scotch, the gauntlets.

Authors at the Reddit AMA. see those gauntlets at the front of the table? no, not the bottles of Scotch, the gauntlets.

Yeah, those gauntlets!

Yeah, those gauntlets! Tobias Buckell shows us how he really feels about them  being fully articulated.

Wesley Chu and Cherie Priest at the mass autograph session

Wesley Chu and Cherie Priest at the mass autograph session

Cosplay and masquerade!

guess who!

Princess Leia!

Amazing Mad Hatter inspired costume. Photo doesn't do it justice.

Amazing Mad Hatter inspired costume. Photo doesn’t do it justice.

photo doesn't do this Ottoman Empire Steampunk outfit justice either.

photo doesn’t do this Ottoman Empire Steampunk outfit justice either.

Commander Shepard!

Commander Shepard!

Doctor Horrible!

Doctor Horrible!

The cutest Amy Pond in the history of ever.

The cutest Amy Pond in the history of ever.

the Greatest American Hero!

the Greatest American Hero!

also, this happened:

2014-01-18 22.07.00 small

and there was this guy:

2014-01-18 22.04.06-2 small

The dealer room had two book dealers, both of whom had a selection of older titles and new ones. Some goodies that came home with me, along with a ton of Andre Norton paperbacks:
2014-01-19 14.08.17 small

2014-01-19 14.08.43 small

also, this. Because how could I not buy this?

2014-01-19 15.00.50-2 small

Saturday evening between dinner and bar schmoozing, a few of us just sat in the hallway outside the ConSuite people watching. The corset shop in the dealer room had laced up a bunch of ladies, so there were plenty of “shelves” walking by. There was an Obi Wan Kenobi who I swear was just wearing a brown bathrobe over white PJs. Kids were running back and forth from the pool.  There were lots of fairy wings and Ren Fest get ups.

and then there was this. Ladies and gentlemen, what has been seen can not be unseen. I give you the Cthulhu bra. In her words “I wouldn’t be walking around like this if I didn’t want people to look”, but she did ask that I blank out her face if I was going to put the photo online.

2014-01-18 20.42.30 small

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17 Responses to "Legendary Confusion photo dump"

I need a Cthulu bra to surprise my man on our next date.

And Sam Sykes was very nice when I met him at Bubonicon last year.


Sam is an absolute sweetheart! a very, very TALL sweetheart.


I’m envious you got to go! And good call on the photos, my favorite thing about reading con wrap-up posts is always seeing the pictures, especially of all the wonderful costumes!


Envious, bah! you should totally go to a local convention! These fan run ones are the best, they aren’t as expensive as a comicon, it’s easy to just go for the day, and there is kid friendly activities too, if you bring the munchkin(s) along. Do a google search for “scifi convention + city near you”, you’re sure to find something.

there were a handful of TARDIS outfits, a few little girls dressed as Merida (I totally want to do that next year!), a few Princess Leia’s, lots and lots of steampunk outfits.

there were so many people dressed up, i was surprised the actual costume contest group was so small. It was more a “let’s hang out for a while and talk about our outfits” than a contest, which was kinda nice.


Haha as far as local cons I’m actually hoping to be attend Balticon this year, which is I guess counts as the local sci fi one for me. I’m so glad to hear about kid friendly activities, because my two-year-old will probably tag along! I checked out attendees’ comments from previous years and at least I know they are stroller friendly :)

Here’s a not-so-secret secret about me: I’m actually really looking forward to dressing my daughter up as Princess Leia at a con one day, just maybe in a few more years! ;)


they make little girl Leia costumes!

and there’s one from the same company that’s for toddlers. I love the cinnamon buns wig!


I really enjoyed meeting you and hanging out @ConFusion. Let’s do it again. A little jealous you got the first ed. of Sharing Knife. My youngest son is named after Aral Vorkosigan, and we love her sci-fi, but that series runs a close second.


ooh, it’s a first edition? NICE.

was great meeting you as well! I remember you mentioning your son Aral, but I just thought it was a family name! Named after Aral Vorkosigan is way cooler!


As always, you make me want to hit Norwescon, Cthulhu bra or no.

Also, good call on the de Bodard book. I’m sure you won’t be let down.


You should totally go to Norwescon! *checks their website* OMG, Michael Moorcock is going to be there! and ZOMG, Seanan Mcguire!!

and i’m excited to read the deBodard.


If it’s up to me, I’ll be there. Trying to figure out what to do with the other three people I share a house with. They *might* go for the costumes.


maybe there is some kids and teen programming there? also, costumes, and maybe handsome guys in kilts (if your wife goes in for that sort of thing)?


I’m with Mogsy. My favourite part of these wrap-up posts is always the photo-sharing. It looks like so much fun was had here. And ooooh shiny books! I still have Servant of the Underworld on my TBR pile. And you’re going to share with us how to build a Dalek and doing more wrap-up posts too? Exciting!


and I’ve got more photos to post! next blog post up, will be the building of the Dalek. I’ve teased everyone long enough.


No copy of James Blish’s CITIES IN FLIGHT? Sooo sad.


the dealer in the front of the room had a ton of classic and vintage titles. Unfortunately by the time I was able to get into the dealer room with cash to spend, he had sold through a lot, or maybe had already started to pack up.


Great pictures and such a lot of fun. Well Jel! I really should start signing up for these things. There’s not as many in the UK although I missed last year’s fantasy Con – and Scott Lynch was there!!!!!!! What was I thinking. I actually found out about it too late and it was all signed up solid! I suppose I could have just gone and hung out (i.e. stalked) around the general vicinity.
Lynn :D


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