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Vintage Science Fiction Month Comes to a Close

Posted on: January 31, 2014

The end of January brings the end of Vintage Science Fiction Month and the end of the Science Fiction Experience.  This is my third year hosting Vintage month, and I want to thank everyone who did a blog post on their site, did a guest post on my site, commented on a post, tweeted something, re-tweeted something, or lurked and is now interested in reading some older science fiction.  This is the best Vintage Month I’ve ever done, and I can’t wait to do it again! Of course, we’re all welcome to read older books whenever we feel like it, we don’t need to wait until the dead of winter. 😉

A huge shout out to everyone who participated in Vintage Month:

The Broken Bullhorn

this is how she fight start

Joseph Starzl

Over The Effing Rainbow

Paul Weimer

Lesley Connor

Two Dudes in an Attic

Jason Sizemore

Lynn’s Book Blog

Rinn Reads

Andrew Robins

Howling Frog Books

My Readers Block

Nashville Book Worm

Genre Bending


In My Book

AQ’s Reviews

Read The Gamut

A Step To The Side

Books Without Any Pictures

Casual Debris

50 Year Project

Thanks for an amazing month everyone! Apologies that I haven’t been commenting, tweeting, retweeting as much as I planned. A frustrating work project and recent health issue have brought me to my knees.


14 Responses to "Vintage Science Fiction Month Comes to a Close"

It’s not over yet! I have one more to post before midnight PST tonight!


that’s why I just listed all the bloggers, not all the posts. Because everyone is going to sneak one in after I go to bed! 😀


It’s coming! Proofing right now!


Ahhhhh! I shouldn’t have read this post, I’ve just seen loads of extra books to add to my reading list 😉


if this post blew up your reading list, your really don’t want to click on the Vintage SciFi Not A Challenge tab up top. Cuz it’s got links to the reviews of all the books!


That was an awesome event, thanks a lot for hosting it! It’s a pity it’s only one month long though, I’d gladly continue 🙂


thanks, it was a lot of fun to host. Read older stuff whenever you want, i know I do. 😀


It was fun reading the posts. One year I will actually participate!


reading the posts and lurking is still participating! 😀


I really enjoyed this, my first time following along and worth every post.


Great to hear you had a good time, it gets bigger and crazier every year. Already brewing a few ideas for next time. . .


Thanks for hosting! I got a bit bogged down by stuff towards the end as well, which meant I wasn’t able to contribute as much as I liked, but I certainly enjoyed what I got of it. Hope health and work both look up for you in the near future.


Thank you for hosting! This was a lot of fun.


Thanks for sharing!


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