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Sabetha Belacoros cosplay at Legendary Confusion.

Posted on: January 28, 2014

Short Legendary Confusion write-up here.  Longer one coming soon.

but what’s important is that I cosplayed Sabetha Belacoros. Click the link if you don’t know who I’m talking about.  A very kind and patient friend made the dress and the jacket. The hat fucking rocked.

Pics or didn’t happen, you say? feast your eyes on this, baby, because I’m having a shameless egotistical moment.

this is my favorite photo. frankly I think I look stinkin’ adorkable in it. Even though I look like a hobbit.




without the props, so you can see the jacket a little better. the trim is some polyester black velvet I had sitting around and was so slippery it had to be sewn on by hand.

2014-01-18 10.26.30 small

Getting ready for Masquerade. Veil was made of window sheers material. it got hot under there after a while!

2014-01-18 18.02.36 small

“Sabetha wore a linen dress and a simple jacket, both of a darkish red that was nearly the color of cinnamon. Her hair and face were concealed beneath a four-cornered hat with hanging gray veils . . . “

Some professional pics taken right before Masquerade.

kjn2014_00218 small

and a close up.  Yikes. I should have put more make up on. I iz a shiny gurl.

kjn2014_00225 small

The dress didn’t have any pockets. But I knew I needed to carry around some cash, my phone, a program, some chapstick, you know, stuff. So the totebag?  the “silks” are only a few inches deep, sewn to a piece of plastic that acted as a false top. That baby is hollow!  Engineering WIN.

surprise!  it's hollow!

surprise! it’s hollow!


ok, now that I’ve gotten my egotistical attention whore look-at-me moment out of the way, I’ll get working on a full write up that talks about the panels I went to, all the awesome Doctor Who cosplay, how to build a Dalek, Author D&D, Author AMA, and all the other cool and insanely crazy shit that went down.

Jeez, two crazy weekends in a row. . ..  not sure if I’m getting spoiled, or getting into dangerous habits. 😉

17 Responses to "Sabetha Belacoros cosplay at Legendary Confusion."

You look amazing!

Now, can you please get working on that post about how to build dalek. Suddenly, that information seems very important! 😀


it is very important! and i almost have it typed up!

wait, why is that information only *suddenly* very important? wouldn’t it always be important? 😉


Ah, too fun! So glad you had a good time and got to cosplay such a great costume.


You look fantastic! That’s a great costume, and a pretty damn amazing idea for cosplay!


Yep. You’re spoilt! These pictures are ace and henceforth you shall be known as ‘the cuteness’.
Lynn 😀
Looking forward to your full post about all this.


ahh, forgot – were there any Jean Tannen’s there at all………


sadly no. there were some very handsome gents in kilts though. 😉


You look amazing! That’s a wonderful costume. I’m glad to know that you had a good time. ^_^


Is there anyone who follows your blog who doesn’t know the character? If so, BAN THEM.

Very cool by the way.


nah, i’ll EDUCATE them instead.


You look so cool, adorable and not hobbity by any means. Glad to see that you had fun.


What am awesome custody costume! You look like you had a blast. 🙂


*cosplay costume


Custody costumes traditionally feature more arrows, I think. Possibly handcuffs as well 😉

This, on the other hand, looks very cool indeed.


Boy it sure does look you had a great time at ConFusion :)) I think you did great on the costume. SO how was the Con though.


con was f’ing fantastic! longer post and photo dump coming soon!


Great costume! 🙂


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