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your favorite “New to you” author discovered in 2013

Posted on: December 24, 2013

admit it.  how many of you have shaken, peeked into, or generally cheated by opening your Christmas gifts early?   you’re not kidding anyone, we can all see the re-taping marks on the gifts under the tree and we can see where you stuffed the tissue paper back into the gift back. 😉

discovering a “new to you” author is always a gift to yourself, and you don’t have to wait till Christmas or your birthday to enjoy it.   Doesn’t matter if your friends have been reading that guy for years, or if she passed away before you were born.  They don’t have to be a debut author to be new to you.

What is your favorite “new to you” author that you discovered in 2013?

Some of my “new to me!” authors I discovered in 2013 include N.K. Jemisin,  Ian Tregillis,  Emma Bull (yes, I know),  Gillian Philip and Melanie Rawn.

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Candas Jane Dorsey and Greg
Egan for starters


Excellent discoveries!

I discovered several new-to-me authors to love this year.

science fiction: Maureen F. McHugh, Iain M. Banks (I know, I know…)
fantasy: Caitlín R. Kiernan
horror: Yōko Ogawa
historical fiction/alt history: E. L. Doctorow
general fiction: Ernesto Sabato, Eli Brown


Ooooooh. Some new-to-me names in there! I’ve never heard of Ian Tregillis or Gillian Philip before, and I have yet to read anything by Melanie Rawn. I’ve loved the books I’ve read by Emma Bull and those by N.K. Jemisin, though. (I haven’t commented on any of the posts, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your comments on the read-along you joined.)

As for my own favourite new-to-me authors… That has to be M.C.A. Hogarth. Technically I discovered her works in late 2012 and she doesn’t count, but I spent the majority of 2013 reading through her backlist, so I say she counts for this year.

I’ve discovered several other authors this year too, but none that have made me go on a reading binge the way Hogarth has. Anyway, other authors I discovered this year are Ann Leckie, Cheryl Mahoney, Amy Rae Durreson, Michelle Sagara, Elizabeth McCoy, and Lindsay Buroker. I have several more books and stories by most of these authors lined up, so I’m looking forward to exploring them next year!


Nnedi Okorafor, Catherynne M Valente, Tad Williams, and Scott Lynch are just some of the awesome new-to-me authors I discovered this past year. Here’s hoping that 2014 contains just as many introductions to awesome people!




Wow, it’s Christmas eve and I can’t think that hard. So I’ll just say MERRY CHRISTMAS to you Red, and a great new year.


I’ve had a few this year. I’ve enjoyed both of William C. Dietz’s Legion of the Damned prequels featuring Andromeda McKee (Lady Catherine Carletto). Casandra Rose Clarke’s “A Mad Scientist’s Daughter” certainly made her a favorite. As did going a little old(er) school with C.S. Friedman’s “This Alien Shore”. Carrie Cuinn’s short story collection put her on the list and my recent read of Wesley Chu’s first book puts him firmly on that list as well. Between novels and short stories much of my reading was with ‘new to me’ authors, which was quite fun.


Scifi: Gareth L. Powell, Eric Brown and Ted Kosmatka.

Fantasy/Steampunk: Stephen Hunt (who should be revered as the Steampunk Tolkien by way of The Court of the Air)

And right now I’m dipping into Jonathan L Howard’s Johannes Cabal the Necromancer. Such amazing writing I almost don’t care how it ends!


Ooh. I’d have to go with Brent Weeks. The Lightbringer books are so good!


John Scalzi, SF writer and often-hilarious blogger, was my main 2013 discovery. He’s quite prolific, but the other terrific author I first read in 2013 has only published one quasi-novel (a fictionalized memoir). That’s Danusha Goska, whose book Save Send Delete I highly recommend to anyone interested in religious, moral or spiritual issues, or in fearlessly honest and intense writing. Her blog by the same name has a similar character.


One thing I never have trouble with is reading new to me authors… There are so many… I bought some Ian Tregillis but haven’t read any of them yet!


I discovered Justin Cronin just as the year began.
And then I discovered the Lindseys – Pogue and Farleigh and their After the Ending series.


Nathan Ballingrud with his short story collection North American Lake Monsters. Sarah Pinborough with her Forgotten Gods trilogy.


Ben Aaronovitch, hands down. The Peter Grant novels are some of my favourite speculative fiction. 😀


John Langan – Literate Horrorist Extraordinaire
C.J. Henderson – Hard-Boiled Detectives vs. Lovecraftian Monsters, Nuff Said


Madeline Ashby, and it’s totally your fault. 😛


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