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Blind date with a book?

Posted on: December 20, 2013

I love this idea of book blind dates.Β  You don’t know the title, don’t know the author, can’t see what the cover looks like. You just get a little bit of information, like if it’s a fantasy, or a memoir, or alternate history, or a thriller.Β  No strings attached, no commitment, but it’s a neat way to try something that you might not have picked up otherwise.



Today’s totally chillaxed year end discussion question is:

What words or phrases written on the outside of a book blind date would make you pick it up?

I think mine would include:


fun dialog

plot twists and turns

non-human characters

11 Responses to "Blind date with a book?"

I like yours, but also strong female characters are a good thing. Frankly this is fun, but it still doesn’t mean I would actually read the book once I got it home… I am too impulsive.


Hmm…. let’s see…
1 or 2 steamy scenes, but not the whole book
interesting weapons

And what does that tell people about me? hmmm….


These are really fun, although the digital versions are slightly less so.

I’d like to see
Hard science fiction
Space travel
Alien culture


I think mine would be some combination of:
Challenging traditional gender roles
Little/No romance
Non-traditional story structure

I’m not always the best at predicting what I’ll like, though :).


low magic
unique setting


Oh this is a marvelous idea! I’ve never had a Book blind date!! HmmmI think mine would be
– witty humor
– Intergalactic travel
– Meet new species and conquer them
– telepathic creatures


– Hurts so good
– Will make you cackle madly in a corner
– Monsters, mayhem and murder most foul


I absolutely love everything about this idea. I’m going to find a way to make it happen at a local book store.


Hahaha, I don’t know if there’s much that would induce me to read a book sight unseen. I like knowing what to expect! I like knowing who the characters are and what the outline of the plot will be.


I just love this idea and want to use it – right now!! It’s so intriguing – I’d love to choose a book based on this.
What would I look for. *scratches head*
Makes me laugh
Makes me tense
Fantasy but not necessarily epic
Dark, mysterious.
Lynn πŸ˜€
Did I mention that I want to do this!!


Is this from a library? I hope not, since whoever made the sign misspelled “its”. If it’s NOT from a library, I apologize if I’m being a grammar nazi. If it IS from a library, there is no excuse!


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