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The Republic of Thieves Read along, Part 3!

Posted on: November 11, 2013

republic of thieves cover 1Welcome back to the Republic of Thieves read along! This week’s section covers Chapter 6 thru Interlude “Aurin and Amadine” and is hosted by the lovely Lynn of Lynn’s Book Blog.  If you’re just joining us, click HERE for the full reading schedule.  If you’ve been following along on twitter (#lynchmob) you may have noticed there’s some team loyalties happening. all in good fun!

Instead of torturing you with an overly long thesis on Sabetha Belacoros, I shall torture you with the world’s shittiest poetry (Lucarno I ain’t!), in a spoilery summary of where we are:

liquor license saved at last,
but for a woman from their past,
That Vordratha is a cranky git,
and Locke sees Sabetha for a bit.

The boys wake on a luxurious ship,
headed to sea at quite the clip.
Funny how Locke and Jean completely forget
they can speak Vadran.

Elsewhen. . .

Five young Camorri bastards will succeed,
as soon as they can get Moncraine freed
The find the Duke and Sabetha talks,
his crush on her is as bad as Locke’s!

It’s now the Boulidazi-Moncraine company,
and acting lessons are had for free.
The Sanza boys find their niche
and Locke may finally get his wish.

(said quickly, all in one breath) and then he completely wrecks it by complimenting something Sabetha doesn’t like about herself. Great job, assmunch. Also, Boulidazi is PISSED.

This week’s spoilery questions and spoilery-er answers are after the jump!

Head over to Lynn’s Book Blog for links to everyone else’s responses.

1. The election competition. Sabetha isn’t wasting any time throwing pranks at Locke and Jean. Mostly it seemed fairly harmless, or at least not overly serious, until they were kidnapped and put onto a ship and taken out to sea. What did you make of Sabetha’s latest plan? And what did you think about the way she executed it?

She is so sneaky!!! Like, insanely, villainous sneaky!  I liked how she “poisoned” Locke.  She knew exactly how he would react to her, exactly how to go after him, and she manipulated the shit out of him.  She told him she was doing it for his own good, but I wonder if she really means any of that.  But again, she’s not stupid. She has very limited ways that she can get him out of the contest (she can’t kill him, have him killed, bribe him to leave, or politely ask him to leave. see? limited).  I adore her creativity.  The trickiest part for her, I think, was holding a straight face while lying to Jean.

2.During the escape overboard and Jean’s rather subtle nose dive into the water – I was curious about the lights Locke saw deep in the water when he was performing his rescue – Locke thought they looked different once he was under the waves which I suppose they would but he also had the feeling that he was being watched? Do you think this relates back to the Eldren or some other presence?

There’s definitely something creepy down there. At first, I thought they were phosphorescent jellyfish or something, but then someone last week said something about them being cthluhu-esque Elder-things, and now I can’t get that out of my mind.  Would be hella cool if they were “some other prescence”. The Bondsmagi think they’re the top of the food chain, but maybe not.

I don’t remember the specifics, but closer to the beginning of the book, we get some info about the Amathel (maybe Patience tells us?), and they are talking about the lights under the surface that lure the sailors down. All I can think of is “Dream Lake”, one of the interior lakes at Luray Caverns.  It looks like a fairy city underground, you swear you can see ten or thirty feet down.  But it’s just a reflection of the roof of the cavern, the lake is only 18 inches deep. You look down first, and it’s so mesmerizing that it’s nearly impossible to pull your eyes away and look “up” to understand what you are seeing.


3. Given that Locke hadn’t seen Sabetha for five years how did you think their first meeting together went (well, it wasn’t strictly speaking their first meeting of course – were you surprised that Jean and Locke hadn’t figured out that the woman pickpocket was Sabetha?) and also what did you make of Jean and Sabetha’s reaction to each other?

When the lady pickpocket showed up, I was wondering about the four cornered hat, and “G.B.” embroidered on her purse? nice.

I loved their “first” meeting at the Sign of the Black Iris.  Locke is completely nervous and flustered, which was pretty adorable, seeing as how he’s so often  such a cocky SOB.   I  chuckled out loud at Locke and Jean’s quick little discussion outside the tavern, that Jean is basically damn sick and tired of Locke’s nervous moping.

Sabetha has nothing against Jean, they were always friends, there was never any weirdness between them.  But he’s still sore about the pickpocket bit.  He hugs her, but won’t share in her jokes. Does Sabetha have any idea how much Locke has been pining for her, and how much he’s been driving Jean batshit crazy with said pining?

What a terrible way for the three of them to have a reunion. And at this point, I don’t think Sabetha yet knows about Calo, Galdo and Bug no longer being with us.

still, #teamSabetha !

4. So, the gang have arrived in Espara and already the plans have gone wrong through no fault of their own! Jail for a year plus lose a hand for slapping a noble?? What do you think of the justice system in Espara and how does this bode for the gang?

Well, since Jean is a bruiser and Locke is really good at getting beaten up, this bodes quite poorly. I am not a fan of the justice system in Espara (although I did like the “terra cotta soldiers” and the little history lesson!), they seem to have a “chop off hands, ask questions later” type system.  There also seems to be a lot of rampant racism in Espara as well. Ick.  That’s what they get for not having any Eldren engineering!

I don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying the motif of “things going terribly wrong before the first step is taken”.

5.The acting company are finally coming together and we’re watching the gang as they try to read, act and grab the best parts – are you all ‘happy face’ with the whole theatre scenes or, sad face! Also, I can’t help feeling like this whole storyline is a step out of character for the gang. Any ideas of how it will play out??

It took me a while to get used to the theatre scenes, but one I did, I started to like them.  I enjoy watching a good Shakespeare play, but I never much enjoyed reading them in school. Is anyone in the read along  listening to the audio? How is the play bits done in the audio? I bet they are a lot of fun to listen to, because there is some rythym, some meter to them, you know?

There’s a super quick little line in there somewhere, how Locke suddenly likes having all his lines written down for them. The Gentleman Bastards are pros at improvising, they aren’t used to sticking to a script, or reading someone else’s lines. I did like the scene where Moncraine is coaching Calo and Galdo. Nice for the brothers to have something interesting to do besides being comedy relief.  And, I just really liked the scene. I liked seeing Moncraine and Sylvanus shine, instead of being has-been drunkards.  Poor Sylvanus, getting very maudlin about the parts he’ll never play because he’s too old. A little like modern hollywood, no? plenty of parts for actors who look 16 through 34. But once you look older than 45, ehhh…. you’re gonna play the bumbling bank manager or the mother in law.

6.We are also being introduced to a number of new characters, particularly Moncraine and Boulidazi. What are your first impressions of these two and the other new characters in the Company and any particular likes or dislikes so far?

I like Moncraine. He’s impulsive, he’s talented, he’s a damn good actor, he’s in denial that he’s past his prime. There’s a lot of potential for some really good characterization here.  I hope as this storyline continues, we get plenty more Moncraine!

and then there is Boulidazi. He means well, really he does. He’s a bored noble, who wants to use some of his money to fund some local good works. And well, Moncraine doesn’t take kindly to being seen as a charity cause.   Thank goodness Locke already knows about the justice system in Espara, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to get through that last conversation with Boulidazi without punching him!  I was a little surprised at how fast Boulidazi fell for Sabetha and Locke’s tricks (and I liked that Locke let her carry most of this conversation!), but then again, maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised!

7.The rooftop scene and the apology. How did it all go so wrong? And how will Locke get out of this latest fix with Boulidazi?

Locke was doing so well!  He’s actually been *gasp* listening to what Sabetha has been saying, and thinking about it. He might 100% understand where she’s coming from, but at least he’s trying to respect it.  He’s making good progress, and she’s willing to give him a chance. not too shabby!

Defintetly not an Anjani Wine. In fact, no oranges were harmed in the making of this wine.

Defintetly not an Anjani Wine. In fact, no oranges were harmed in the making of this wine.

and then it all goes wrong. He starts complimenting how beautiful she is, and mentions her red hair, the red hair she’s been dying brown since early childhood.  And she flips the fuck out.  I hated my red hair when I was a kid too, but if someone complimented it I didn’t turn into an asshole. what the fuck is her problem!?  Gah, and Boulidazi, what shitty timing!  Locke is going to have to some mighty fast talking, that is for sure!

21 Responses to "The Republic of Thieves Read along, Part 3!"

It is funny that we have two redheads in this read along and find out your reaction to Sabetha’s Redhaired freak out! If there was such a rarity and allure to red haired girls in Camorr you think Locke would of known. Or he should of before confessing that he digs the Ginger.
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you *would* think he would be aware of it, or at least would have noticed. It’s starting to seem like Chains only told his apprentices what he thought they would need – reading, writing, ‘rithmatic, but not much common sense beyond street smarts. The only other mention of a redhead in Camorr is back in book one, Calo and Galdo drag Locke to The Gilded Lilies and set him up with a redhead.


Locke isn’t really one to gossip, which is probably generally how you’d hear about that, and the group are quite isolated in their underground base in a way. Although you’d have thought it would be something that Calo and Galdo might have heard about, considering how much they get out.


Actually that’s right – now I think about it – the gang don’t even mix with the other elements of the criminal world apart from paying their dues so they are a bit more isolated than others.


Great poem. I can also do poetry
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I love Jean
and everybody else better keep their gods damn hands off him – *teamjean* (it doesn’t really rhyme very well though, maybe I need to work on it!)
Seriously though – how did you even come up with all that!
I can’t believe how very sneaky Sabetha was – I think she’s learned a few more tricks about how to con the male persuasion whilst she’s been away! I really didn’t see it coming at first and I went from being shocked, to a little bit annoyed with her, to disappointed – they maybe she thought she couldn’t win – to what an excellent plan. You can’t fail to win after all if there aint no competition. Locke should have been less sappy anyway. Did he really think that after five years she was just gonna say, ‘hey, Locke, come and suck on my neck and let’s get it on!’ Really?
It would be pretty cool if there was an underground city wouldn’t it!
I was kind of sad with the reunion and the way Jean seemed to be so cool! I suppose it also must be hard for him to watch Locke mooning over Sabetha when he’s still mourning Ezra.
I love the theatre scenes but I enjoy the whole concept of what Lynch has come up with. I remember the line with Locke that you mention – he was saying that he couldn’t think of his own responses naturally any more or something like that. Like having all the lines written down was making him too lazy to think. I like the way Moncraine is working them though – they’ll certainly get good acting experience if he has his way.
Poor Sylvanus – I did feel sorry for him – it can’t be easy being around all these vibrant, energetic teenagers either – just hammers the point home even more.
The whole red hair thing was a bit of a surprise! I guess she comes up with her reasons!! I don’t suppose Locke meant it the way it came out either – the way he said it did make it seem as though he was fixating just simply on the hair colour didn’t it!
Lynn 😀


i have WAY too much time on my hands. also, i like filking. 😉

Did Locke think Sabetha was going to welcome him with open arms, and make all his fantasies come true? His brain wasn’t exactly working so well at this point, so maybe? She could throw warm monkey shit at him, and he’d probably be okay with it.

it’s so funny, that when Locke is working a mark he’s great with words. but when he’s trying to say how he feels, and compliment someone, and be honest, he can barely put a functioning sentence together!


I don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying the motif of “things going terribly wrong before the first step is taken”.

It’s a bit of a theme throughout this series, isn’t it? So much so that I’m almost looking out for it, and then the brilliant resolution afterwards. I think my favourite of these scenarios was in RSuRS when the boat was in the storm, their sailing teacher knocked on their door and died at their feet, the crew flat out asked about why there were no cats and then put Locke and Jean overboard. At that point I was like ‘well shit… how the hell are they going to get out of that?’
And then Drakasha showed up. Awesome.


I’m enjoying that motif too! it’s like what terrible things can Lynch throw at these guys, and then watch Locke and Jean wiggle out of it! i heart it!


Sabetha is really sneaky! To be honest I’ve yet to work out how I feel about her. She’s very clever but often seems incredibly cold. She’s built quite an impressive wall around herself.

I don’t remember the “terra cotta soldiers” bit! I clearly need to go back and reread the book (such a hardship!).

The picture of the Luray caverns looks amazing! 🙂


1. You *liked* how Sabetha poisoned Locke?! *shakes head*. It must be a redhead thing. I was so pissed off with her! I read that bit shortly after finishing part 2’s questions, and all the sympathy I felt for Sabetha started to drain away. I thought it was cruel to manipulate Locke, knowing how strongly he feels about her, and a bit unimaginative. Efficient, but I’m now on #TeamLocke!

7. I thought Sabetha overreacted here too. She should know that Locke loves her for more than her hair. On the other hand, I really think Locke should have realised what an issue her hair is for her. She dyed it constantly from at least 8 years old! He can be such a dimwit.

Here are my answers:


I’m pretty much with you on this although I had to admire Sabetha’s boat trip. All is fair in love and war… I’ve always thought of her as the most ruthless and thorough of the GB’s and this confirmed it. It was fantastic. Locke really needs a chaperone when around her.

And yeah, the hair thing caught me off-guard and Sabetha did seem to overreact but he should have taken notice. Even I know to compliment a lady when she does something with her hair even when I’m not sure what it is :/


I love your poem summary! And I’m still Team Sabetha, too. I actually kind of saw Sabetha as being as un-tricky as she could manage in this section. I mean, she threw them so many clues deliberately (like the G.B. purse, for example), it was almost like she wanted them to be able to see through it.

I think it kind of makes sense that Locke had no idea that redheads were major targets for human trafficking in Camorr. It’s not anything that really concerns *him*, after all, so I would bet it’s just never come up. Calo and Galdo could probably have told him about it, if he’d asked. I mean, I don’t think they’re into slavery, but I would guess that they are probably much more knowledgeable about the circumstances under which women may be forced into prostitution (for example, so they know how to spot and avoid unethical brothels).


[…] hop through the read-along Lynn’s Book Blog Over the Effing Rainbow Little Red Reviewer Genkinahito’s Blog All I am a Redhead Dab of Darkness Joma Fantasy Theft and Sorcery Tethyan […]


2. Scary at it is, I like the idea that the Bondsmagi are not actually the most powerful things in the area – serves them right for all their smugness.

3. I still can’t believe they didn’t notice the G.B. hint – doh!

4. I agree with all the disaster before they actually get started and how much fun it is. It lets us see them improvising, which is very entertaining.

5. I guess lines are a lot easier than making everything up as you go along – less brain ache! 😀


Haha! Thanks for employing a bit of Lynch-esque cussing in your poetry. That was quite amusing.

Jean does have some great lines concerning Locke and his Sabetha-obsession, both in the past and in the present story line. Referring to Locke reaching between his own legs and finding some balls; not going to spend another half hour sitting in the carriage outside the Iris tavern, etc. Great stuff.

I noticed a few references to the racism, and also to the general lack of literacy. I wonder how these two aspects will affect the GBs.

The audiobook all around is excellent. But I didn’t really take to the stage practice scenes, not yet anyway. But the reader does a great job with accents and the drama, etc. The insult fight between Chantal, Sabetha, Locke, Bertrand, Jean was great.


Late, but finally getting time to read!

I love the way Sabetha poisons Locke; you knew he’d fall for it. I mean, he spent the day primping to meet her. The whole shave bit made me laugh.

Ooooo, cthluhu-esque Elder-things. Now that I like! Actually, that would be really cool.

Poor Locke, he really did try. At some point, something’s going to work out for him, or at the very least, it will be entertaining for us. 🙂


Took me all week to get through everything too, i was lucky to get a half hour here and there. . . bleh, one of those weeks!


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