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my friend went to BuboniCon, and all I got was. . .

Posted on: October 7, 2013

holy shit, it’s Tim Powers’ autograph!

oh, so this is that novelization I keep hearing about?

oh, so this is that novelization I keep hearing about?

How neat that he signed everything upside down!

and a bonus gift!


Such legible handwriting, he must be a scientist!

one of these days, you’ll get another book review. one of these days. . .

Blogger buddies ARE THE BEST.


6 Responses to "my friend went to BuboniCon, and all I got was. . ."

It was my pleasure. Assigned stalking of authors makes it seem respectable!


*snort* – you could use that anyway, even if you weren’t assigned the task – alright, not outright fibbing, just merely suggest, a tidgy bit of a hint, that you’re only stalking the author for somebody else!
Lynn πŸ˜€


LOL, and then there’s me, who runs up to people and squees “omg, i love your stuff so much!!!!” and then they think i’m crazy.


Next time it comes into question, I am going to use your name as the Assignor of the Stalking ;).


Andrea, you should have told me you’re the Little Red Reviewer — I’d have drawn big pseudo-Finlay pictures! Next time for sure.


Hi Mr. Powers! there will be no escaping doing scribbles for me next time! πŸ˜€

by the way, thanks to you, I got an extra kick out of the Ashbless easter egg in the new Brust/White novel, The Incrementalists.


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