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Still talking about my favorite authors.

Posted on: October 1, 2013

So there’s these two books I’ve been talking about not stop for the last few weeks?  Yeah, you know the ones I mean.

and to come full circle, this morning I was on WMUK talking about them, along with my buddy John Wenger, who talked about some books that are important to him.  What’s funny to me is that this radio segment was recorded a few weeks ago –  before I posted the second book review, before certain e-mail conversations took place.  Also, one of my sentences in the radio segment is a lie. 10 points and my pita bread recipe to anyone who can identify it.

WMUK Arts and More, 7:59

and in case you are curious, recording a radio segment is equal parts fun and terrifying.  Also, did you know you’re allowed to say the word “Bastard” (as a proper noun, of course) on the radio? At least, I hope so, otherwise I just got a ton of people in lots of trouble. 😉


2 Responses to "Still talking about my favorite authors."

New frontiers in public swearing!


Great piece Andrea.
Not sure if I know what the pita recipe winning sentence is – maybe that really your favourite book this year is RoT – or have I just got Lynchism – it’s infectious don’t you know!
Lynn 😀


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