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California Adventure continues!

Posted on: July 18, 2013

I’ve already tortured you with my #idiottourist photos of the beach and of (zomg!) Borderlands books. We wandered around the Mission district of San Fransisco and then went to JapanTown where we went to what might be the coolest Sushi restaurant in the country.  TwoDudes, I’m counting on you to give us more info on JapanTown!

Arrrr, this creative sign down the street from Borderlands cracked me up. Sorry to hear about the store tho.


I’m not sure if this was graffiti that had guerrilla artwork over it, or what, but it made me smile. Yes, this is a super crappy attempt at a panorama.

mural sort of

And then we went to JapanTown! This is an indoor shopping mall/mecca of all things Japanese. There was plenty of kawaii, j-pop, Ghibli, kite-painters, Japanese bookstores, Japanese food, drink, and clothing, and all sorts of amazing things (including some kitch).

For lunch, we went to “the sushi place with the boats”, as my friend called it.  Tiny little restaurant, where the sushi chefs stand in the middle of a conveyer belt. But it’s not a conveyer belt, it’s a river. full of boats! and the boats have plates of sushi on them!  You grab what you want as it is floating by, and the color of the plate tells you the price. Fuzzy picture is fuzzy:

SAM_3382 small

we saw cosplayers:


and families in Kimono:


In the plaza between the two buildings, there was a lady singing J-pop. She was blonde and Caucasian, and that was a surprise. The super swanky looking Hotel Kabuki is next door:


damn, I wish I’d taken more pictures. that happens to me every frikken time. When will I realize I have a digital camera, and that I can take more than 24 photos at a time? and that I don’t have to pay for photo developing? Kodak, I’m helping to kill you.

but I did a picture of my friend’s adorable doggie:


awwwww, isn’t she cute? She’s a pug who thinks she’s a lap-cat.  loves playing on the beach, hates getting a bath after. wait a minute. . . what’s that license plate thingy on the RV say? let’s take a closer look, shall we?

car is a tardis


8 Responses to "California Adventure continues!"

I’m going to disappoint you greatly here, because I’ve never been to the Bay Area JapanTown. I am qualified to explain Seattle in great detail, but my experience in other West Coast cities is a bit more limited. Sorries!!


lol, no worries. but I expect advice should I ever find myself in Seattle. 🙂


Now my tummy is rumbling for some sushi…..and the nearest place is like an hour away. Sigh…..

Cute dog.


the sushi is really good here. ok, i take that back, Two Dudes, you might die in the Midwest. Major lack of really good sushi places. and no ramen shops to speak of.


Make sure that you visit City Lights Bookstore on Columbus Ave.


i’ll try!! thanks for the recomendation. 😀


I love Japantown! Its my favorite place to go – that I MUST go everytime I visit San Francisco. Borderlands is the best indie bookstore! I love how its all just sci fi and fantasy books…best yes yes!


We went to that cash-only crepes place in JapanTown for dessert, it was sooooo good! Was my first time having Nutella, now I’m totally addicted. there was so much I know we didn’t see, or walked by really fast. i need a whole day there next time.


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