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New books, and the best short video EVAR.

Posted on: June 23, 2013

best stuff first:

The Best Video EVER.

Totally safe for work. Multiple award winner.   Watch it till the end.  Let me know in the comments if the video makes you crave a cup of coffee.

One of the best things about living in Michigan is that you can use your hand as a map.  it’s a total Michigander thing (as is calling Michigan residents Michiganders.). Anywhoo, we just got back from here:


If you don’t live near the great lakes, the star on my finger is the Petoskey/Boyne City/Little Traverse Bay/Charlevoix area. Lots of local tourism stuff, skiing, fishing, hiking, shopping, some of the best restaurants I’ve ever been too, and lots and lots of water. Rolling hills, beautiful countryside, and fresh water as far as the eye can see.  Really freakin’ cold water.

and of course books were purchased!   See?


The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, by N.K. Jemisin. I’ve been meaning to pick this one up for a while, she’s been the “must read” author in the SFF community for a while now.

Kurt Vonnegut: the Last Interview and other Conversations.  It’s been far too long since I’ve read Vonnegut, be it his fiction or his essays.  The man had a profound effect on me when I was in my early 20s.

Shadow’s End, by Sheri S Tepper.  Her new stuff hasn’t really done much for me, but this looks sufficiently old that I expect I’ll enjoy it. Anyone else read this one? how is it?

Surface Detail, by Iain M. Banks.  I saw a beautiful used hardback for a great price, and I couldn’t remember if I owned in it paperback. You know what? it’s a Banks. just buy it!

Quarry by Iain Banks.  Why yes, yes that is the brand new Iain Banks, and no I didn’t buy it at a used bookstore “up north”.  Someone at a certain publishing house has been spoiling the crap out of me recently.


Other than Quarry, most of these books won’t even be touched until later this summer. Why is that? in a word: Hugos.

I got so much good stuff on deck and on double deck for you, it’s not even funny.


25 Responses to "New books, and the best short video EVAR."

I think I’ve read The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, though I’d need to reread before I reviewed it. Memory is fuzzy. Good enough excuse? I think so. 😉


definitely a good excuse!


I look forward to seeing what you think of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. I need to finish that trilogy. Maybe I should reread the first 2 books? Hmmm…

Fun video. I want a coffee/tea dispenser like that.


You were one of the people who originally got me excited for that book! and hmmmm….. hadn’t you once upon a time suggested a read along for this very title? 😉


Haha! Shall we? You know me and my addiction to read alongs.


I’ll e-mail you!! 😀


What a great pile of books. I have the Hundred Thousand Kingdoms on my pile as well. And som Iain Banks. And I really want to read some Sheri Tepper. Here here.


Yeah, I’m really excited to read the Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. Started on the Quarry at lunchtime today, it’s already amazing!


Do you know I think it’s kind of put me off the coffee – just something about the way it’s served up (yuk) but totally bloody cool little vid. When the doors opened I was all ‘Marvin, it’s behind you!’ Yes, I went totally panto.
I love it.
Lynn 😀


Wonder if I could custom paint my coffee maker to look like that? I loved how trashed his room was getting, coffee cups and old plates all over the place – gross! but realistic.


I think they’ve hit on an idea there – not sure if I want my coffee served out of the alien’s mouth but having an alien looking coffee maker – oh yes!
I know – Marvin is one scruffy dude – when he finally arrives at his destination: the ship will land, the doors will open – and everyone waiting will be smothered in shit as it cascades out upon them!
Lynn 😀


wasn’t that awesome?

and you are so right, there’s going to be an avalanche of trash when he gets there. GROSS. but funny! the animators need to make that video next!! that’s the downside to coffee that comes to you, you’ve no incentive to pick crap up as you’re walking to the coffee maker.


I want Quary by Iain Banks, but I can’t justify it at the moment as I already have so many books to read that I’ll never catch up. I will get around to it though.


I wasn’t planning on The Quarry, it was a happy surprise. A happy surprise that got jumped to the top of the list, even though I too have a ton of other stuff that needs to be read RIGHT NOW.


I’m a fellow Michigander (so of course I’m familiar with “the Mitt”). I agree that up north is one of the highlights of living in the state.

I need to give Iain Banks another shot — I had a false start on Consider Phlebas a couple of years ago and didn’t try another. Some times it’s my state of mind more than what’s written.


Hey fellow Michigander! Up North AND fudge from Kilwins! I heard Kilwin’s wants to open a franchise in Ann Arbor, that would be awesome!

I’ve heard Consider Phlebas is a tough place to start. Try the short story collection the State of the Art, or Player of Games is a good starting point for Culture books. His books sure do throw you into the deep end, you really have to concentrate those first 50 pages and allow your brain to get fried. Sometimes I’ve got so many other things going on, distractions, family stuff, work stuff, that the heaviest book thing i can concentrate on is a graphic novel or a short story.


That was a really fun video. Very well done. Doesn’t make me crave coffee, but I’m not a coffee lover, so that’s on me. 🙂

Glad you had a good time, that part of Michigan sounds lovely and relaxing, and of course coming back with books makes it an even better trip. So sad to see Banks books on your list just as it is a reminder again of how untimely his death was.


it’s been strange reading The Quarry. The main character is losing his father to cancer. Very surreal reading it.


Loved the video! Wish I had a coffee maker like that.


I think you will love The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms. 🙂


i’m really looking forward to reading it. 😀


One of my coworkers has been counting down the days until his vacation trip to Boyne City/Charlevoix, and I’m pretty jealous… beautiful area, haven’t been back there in a few years.

Nice book haul! Banks, Banks, Tepper, and Vonnegut, though I’m not as familiar with Jemisin.


well, we gotta get you up here sometime! tell your co-worker to bring you some beach sand back. I’m hoping to get in another beach weekend before the summer is out, even if it’s a way south beach, I’ll take it.

Jemisin is fairly new to the scene, i think she’s only got two or three books out there so far.


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