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Interview with Seth MacGregor

Posted on: April 24, 2013

The other day I got to interview Gillian Philip, author of one of my favorite new novels, Firebrand.   I got talking on twitter with Seth MacGregor (the main character of Firebrand), and managed to convince him to answer a few interview questions too. He claims Gillian doesn’t let him have any fun, but he has got a weakness for twitter, Joss Whedon TV shows, modern conveniences, and finding trouble.

If you’re already a fan of Firebrand, go harass Seth on twitter. If not, learn what all the fuss is about by reading my interview with Gillian Philip, or my reaction to the book.

firebrand UK

Gillian never lets you do anything fun? I find that hard to believe. I also find it hard to believe she could stop you, if you really wanted to do something. I’ve never interviewed someone like you before. be gentle with me. 😉

Hi Andrea! Oh, Gillian’s such a control freak. At least she’d like to be, and she thinks she has a say in anything I do. Ha. Given what she puts me through, I think I deserve a bit of fun. And thank you for interviewing me. She-Who-Would-Like-To-Be-Obeyed has tried to make me promise I won’t flirt, but hey, I have given no oath, and all that.

Unlike many other Sithe, you can actually physically feel the veil, you can pull it and pinch it, hold it between your fingers. What does it feel like? you wouldn’t um, do anything to harm it, would you?

I’m absolutely not supposed to be able to do that, so this is between you and me, okay? I mean, the Sithe don’t burn witches, and they have a healthy respect for them, but… they tend not to be all that fond of them. So anyway, yes, I can feel the veil. It’s kind of… elusive. Sometimes it feels like very, very fine silk; sometimes it’s so fragile it’s more like mist. Or like mist would be if you could touch it, if that makes sense. It isn’t visible.

And no, I wouldn’t harm it even if I could. It’s too valuable as a defense. I am tempted to tweak it a little, just occasionally; like, say, if a gorgeous full-mortal blogger is asking me questions and I want to hold her attention.

But I can’t damage it, or tear it. There’s no-one on earth who can do that, even if the blasted thing is dying all by itself.

Can you tell me more about your water-horse? the first time you met it (her? him?) was one of my favorite scenes in Firebrand.

Ah, thank you! That is one of my favourite memories, I’ve got to say. I think I fell in love with that kelpie before I’d even seen it. It’s pretty hard to master a water-horse; once you get on one you can’t get off, and they’ll only answer to the right bridle and the right mind, so I was kind of proud I didn’t get killed.

My blue roan isn’t exactly Champion the Wonder Horse; if he found a kid in trouble he’d probably eat it instead of going for help. He’s voracious and he’s violent – great in a fight – and he can be fickle. He’s not as obedient as Conal’s horse, and I wouldn’t trust him with puppies or small children. But he’s loyal to the death and I love him.

I know our side of the veil is full of disease and mortality and holy idiots, but is there anything here you miss when you do go back home?

Hell, yes, especially in this century. I do miss a steady electricity supply, and I love the full-mortal way with plumbing. I miss Twitter when I’m gone. I love your movies and your TV shows; I’m very fond of Game of Thrones and Dallas and Sherlock. Also the Boss’s old Buffy and Angel and Life On Mars box sets. And I still can’t believe they cancelled Firefly.

What do you think of twitter? Better or worse than talking to someone telepathically?

I like Twitter. I mean, they’ll let anyone on – see @KateNicNiven – but I suppose that’s democracy for you. It’s not as direct as telepathy, but on the other hand you can conceal a lot more. Blocking is much easier on Twitter than it is mind-to-mind. And I guess it’s your full-mortal equivalent of telepathy. Sort of.

Anyway, the Boss (see my sarcastic face when I call her that) says it’s good for me to be limited to 140 characters, as otherwise I run off at the mouth.

Will I get to see you again in future installments in the Rebel Angel series?

Oh, you bet, sweetie. I am officially The Character She Can’t Kill Off. (I hope she’s reading this.)

How tall are you?

Not so much the shortarse any more, that’s for sure. Not as tall as Conal, but if you ask me, he’s a bit on the lanky side.  Five-foot-nine-ish? (The Boss has just shouted ‘Five-eight, max’, but what does she know?)

And finally, why are you so mean to Gillian? if it wasn’t for her, I’d never have met you, you know.

I could be nicer to her if she didn’t keep coming up with sadistic little plans for my future. On the other hand, you have a point; I did get to chat to you. So anyway, if you aren’t busy Friday evening I know this great little bar…

well, hmmm…. I’m not sure I can resist that invitation!  but let’s not let my husband find out, okay?  😉


4 Responses to "Interview with Seth MacGregor"

I love the blue roan – even though it’s totally mean and would probably bite your face off in a heartbeat!
So, where’s this bar – I’ll get a flight!!! (Ssshhh… don’t tell the husbands)
Lynn 😀


Oh jeez it sounds like I really need to read this haha! Flirt flirt yes! – waterhorse hmm ok checking it out now.

Love this!
“She-Who-Would-Like-To-Be-Obeyed has tried to make me promise I won’t flirt, but hey, I have given no oath, and all that.”


Cool interview. Have to check this novel out.


I think you’d get a kick out of it. Kinda feels a little Stina Liecht-ish, but a smidgen on the YA side.


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