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tooting me own horn

Posted on: March 19, 2013

Radio. . .   television . . .   next year, the world!

I was recently a guest on a local tv show called Monday Night Live, hosted by the gracious Keith Roe.

Put up your feet, grab a drink, and click here to watch the show.  John and I discuss how and why we got into science fiction, how and where to find trustworthy book reviews, some new releases we’re excited about, we talk a bit about the industry, blogging, authors, happy birthday to Douglas Adams and what happens when a boy robot and a girl robot meet in outer space.

Authors mentioned by name include Robert Jackson Bennett, Guy Hasson, John Scalzi, Cory Doctorow, and  John Love, apologies if I mispronounced anyone’s name.  Authors not mentioned by name, but referred to, you can probably figure out who you are.   I didn’t give up all my secrets!

A question that came up unexpectedly in the show, what was books to recommend to high school students to get them turned on about math and science? I recommended Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, which isn’t exactly about math or science, but I still felt it was important for high schoolers to read.

What books would you recommend for teens, to get them interested in careers in math and science?


If Keith ever invites me back, I promise to talk louder.

note to self: live TV is way, WAY different from pre-recording a radio segment.  epically different.

9 Responses to "tooting me own horn"

How cool!!!!


This is great! Well done to you. Did you enjoy taking part?
I’m not going to recommend a book because as you know I’m a relative newbie to sci-fi so I’m sure you’ve got loads of people to help on that score already.
Lynn 😀


That’s awesome! Congratulations! 😀


That was a very interesting interview. Kieth really asked questions from an outsiders point of view – he doesn’t read much, doesn’t particularly like SFF, and doesn’t spend a whole lot of time on the internet. So his questions were often unexpected and provided a forum to try to gain interest among those who have not enjoyed SFF, as yet.


Oh, and too bad they cut you off there at the end when you were talking about narrative POV in nonfiction. But I understand they only have so much time.


Reblogged this on Bill Ectric’s Place and commented:
Great to see one of the bloggers I follow on TV!


That was a fun watch. You’re a much better ambassador to the outside world than I would be. I was surprised to never hear any bad words escape when you talked. :p


i went a whole 90 minutes without swearing! that might be a record for me.


You were the very Platonic ideal of decorum.


Your love of books was apparent in the interview. Book Ambassador sounds good to me!


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