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Today I’m squeeing over

Posted on: March 4, 2013

Remember my book haul from the other day?  shortly after I posted that, I picked up this beauty:

Why yes, that is Charles Vess artwork on a Subterranean Press limited edition of a new novella by one of my favorite authors!  It’s so pretty I almost don’t want to touch it.  almost.

And yes, yes there is more:

I want to trace that signature over and over again, learn the shapes and patterns my hands and fingers make, and memorize the order, turn the movements into a mantra.

and then the logical part of my brain starts ticking. . .

number 56? Maybe she got to this one before her hand got tired.  Do authors sign all the books all in one day of wrist wrenching carpal tunnel risking signature scrawling? Or do they do a dozen at a time? Do the pop in the extended edition of Star Wars to stave off the boredom? what if the author messes up or the pen runs out?

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10 Responses to "Today I’m squeeing over"

Wonderful! I love it when an author’s signature is actually legible. Hers is lovely, and what a great number you snagged. Couldn’t be happier for you as I know she is one of your favorites, and paired with Vess makes it even more of a treasure.


I have seen a few completely illegible autographs, it looks like a doctor’s signature. Her’s is the perfect balance of legible and artistic. 😀


Wow de wow wow. That is really nice, that copy/book/signed one that is, I’m stumbling around trying to tie some words together here, besides I WANT and things like that. So, I read what you said, but tell me, when are you really gonna read this? Are you going to wear white cotton gloves?


I think I may actually wear white cotton gloves like an archivist.

I have a signed/numbered LE SubPress version of Silently and Very Fast. It’s never been out of the plastic. I read it in a cheapo anthology called Robots, The recent A.I that I got for like $15.

now I understand why comic book collectors keep their comics in plastic!


Wow, I could get lost in that cover. There’s so much to look at. I keep going back to it and seeing things I’ve missed!
Lynn 😀


those weird lines coming out of her waist? you’re not missing something, that’s the reflection of my hand holding the camera! how weird!

it was the cover art that sold me on the limited edition of Silently and Very Fast, I still get lost in that one! I want a full size print of it on my wall.


I think the reflection of your hand has added a little something more! This would make a great poster as well.


Oh God, I am so jealous!
I almost bought a copy myself (not signed) but the shipping costs to Austria were more than the book itself. *cries*
Thanks for the pictures. At least they let me do some second-hand drooling. Cat’s signature is gorgeous. And Charles Vess’ artwork is stunning. *sigh*


😦 shipping is a killer. and I am terribly spoiled.

I have bought a few obscure out of print rare books over the years where the shipping was more than the book. they weren’t limited editions or anything, but still, I had to laugh when the shipping was 3 times the cost of the book! and. . . . then i still bought it.


By the way, my review of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore is now up.


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