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Posted on: February 3, 2013

uugghh, Sunday already? when did that happen?  It’s snowy and wintery and it looks like a Christmas card outside.  I’m still trying to get a snapshot of the squirrel whose always on my balcony and climbs up the screen door.  I know he’s floating around somewhere!


it must be dead of winter if I’m that easily amused. Here’s some more intelligent stuff to keep us amused during these dark winter nights.

Are you involved in an upcoming read along? Looking for one to join? Check out the Read Along calendar over at Dark Cargo.

I have discovered Instructables. Holy crap people. it’s like Make meets Pinterest except stuff is easy and it actually works. and their bookshelves tag?  oh yeah baby, this is where it’s at. Also? fudge.

when you’ve recovered from bookshelf envy and a sugar coma, here is more goodies for you:

Bookworm Blues has a great review of Rapture of the Nerds by Doctorow and Stross.

SFSignal has a massive list of possible Hugo nominations. Who have your favorites been? Can someone tell me the difference between editor long-form and editor short-form?

wonderfully creeptastic (and educational!) essay on Architeuthis, the giant squid.  I kinda want to pet it, don’t you?

the ridiculously quick Lone Ranger spot starring my second husband, Johnny Depp.

Plenty of great book-ish giveaways currently going on –

win a copy of Mind Games by Kiersten White at Unputdownable Books

From SFSignal, win a set of all three Green books by Jay Lake

My Bookish Ways has an indepth interview with Myke Cole, author of the Shadow Ops series, along with a giveaway for the much awaited new novel in the series, Fortress Frontier

is that enough to keep you busy while I’m trying to finish The Aylesford Skull by James Blaylock?



5 Responses to "updates, links, RAL databases, etc"

You rock, darlin! Thanks for including my Myke Cole link!!


no prob, he’s a pretty rockin’ author, and how cool that you have a copy of the book to give away!


Well, usually, I’m not over fond of Sunday night because it signals the end of my weekend, but, not tonight. I have a further 3 more days off! Yay!! Bring on the bottle of wine.
Look at the tiny footprints! Squirrels – so funny. When we moved into our current house there was clearly a squirrel enjoying the vacant property. There were masses of conkers all over the grass at the back of the house. And, there was no tree with conkers! So I collected them all up and stashed them, just for the moment, in the bird bath. Couple of days later, one very cross looking squirrel desperately running around the back garden with that ‘I’m sure I left them here’ expression on it’s face. Stopped, scratched it’s head, tapped it’s paw – came up with nothing! Birds weren’t too happy either. Bad me.
I felt really guilty so had to buy lots of goodies to put out and mollify all the critters.
Lynn 😀


you get another 3 days off? no fair! LOL, let’s switch jobs, you can submit all my reports tomorrow, and I’ll chill at your place drinking wine!

you played a mean trick on that squirrel! but you gave him treats aftwards, so i guess it’s ok! 🙂


I wish I’d known you and Deb were reading The Aylesford Skull and I would have pulled out my copy and joined with you. Blaylock is a favorite and I’m doing him a disservice right now by leaving his latest aside for other reads. Perhaps before the end of the month…

I know what you mean about Sunday. I was disappointed as I drove over to my sister’s house to watch the Superbowl knowing that when it was all over it would be time to sleep and then head to work. Weekend done in a flash. Poop!

I’m trying really hard to keep up with a bunch of current short fiction this year as well as current novels as I really would like to nominate and vote for the Hugo’s next year.


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