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Vintage Sci Fi Giveaway!

Posted on: January 27, 2013

Maybe you just read your first oldy moldy book, maybe you’ve loved classic, golden age, and vintage scifi for as long as you can remember. Either way, this give away is for you.   Some of these I have duplicates of, others I don’t think I’ll read again, so I want to share them with my friends, and that means YOU!

The lucky winner gets all FIVE books!  even better, this give away is INTERNATIONAL. You must be a resident (or visitor) of planet earth.

Behold the 1950s/1960s wonderfulness!



We’ve got:

Mission to the Stars by A.E. Van Vogt (1952)

Regan’s Planet by Robert Silverberg (1964)

The Case Against Tomorrow by Frederik Pohl (1957)

The Green Brain by Frank Herbert (1965)

The Santaroga Barrier by Frank Herbert  (1968) I’ll be reviewing this one shortly.


Be aware, these are all older printings, which means they are in good (but not great or perfect) condition. Some pages are yellowed,  there is minimal damage to some of the covers.  Some have prices written inside or stamps from the used bookstores they came from.

How to enter the giveaway? Easy! Just leave a comment below and make sure in your WordPress sign in to put your e-mail or twitter or some other way I can reach you. This give away will close at midnight, eastern time, on Friday February 1st.


16 Responses to "Vintage Sci Fi Giveaway!"

Sign me up! Five more books to add to the creaking shelves is exactly what I need! And the wife will be ecstatic! (Maybe not that last one.)


I grew up on vintage SF and now 20 years on I’m going back to it. I can’t believe what I’ve missed over these years! So, yes, please enter me into the competition. I love these old covers. Ebook ‘reprints’ just aren’t the same. Cheers! Kate


Yummy selection! Especially the 2 Frank Herbert’s! Consider me in! ^.^


What a groovy idea, Redhead! Count me in! I just finished reading a vintage Poul Anderson 95-cent paperback from the 1960s. An old Dolphin paperback. It was a pleasure to enjoy that old book aesthetic!


I’ll try my luck! Love the covers of those Frank Herbert books!


Awesome! I’m in.


Great idea! Who wouldn’t want a chance to get more classic sci-fi to add to the pile? Looks like a fun group of giveaway stuff.

As a contrast I am offering some very modern ebook giveaways on my site today in the James S.A. Corey post so be sure to come sign up.


Every one of these books looks amazing – my hat’s in the ring (though now my head is cold).


I am a resident of planet Earth and would like to enter to win!


Yes, please! Would love to read these. 🙂


Love it! Sign me up! Vintage sci-fi is fantastic stuff; I would love to read these books.


I would love to add to my collection of classic Sci-Fi.This is a great selection that you have available.


Hey, I have them all right here on the shelves! A couple of them in the same edition with the same cover ‘n’ all that. I hope whomever wins them enjoys them, some awfully good things there.


I’m not sure I should enter. If I did happen to win them, it’d probably be another twenty years for me to get around to reading them. But on the other hand… some good SF books…. can’t have enough really. /sigh


It seems I got here just in time. I would like to enter, but if you ever chose me, you should be advised, mailing them to me is going to cost you . . . a lot.


Great Idea! I won’t enter because it wouldn’t be fair to those people who don’t get books for free, but these are wonderful books.


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