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Outta town

Posted on: December 4, 2012

Hey peeps,  I’m outta town for a few days, sans laptop (eeek, the horror!!), so I’m writing this in advance so you won’t feel neglected.

I’m currently reading Clifford Simak’s The Goblin Reservation, although I’ll probably wait till January to post the review. Also in my suitcase is Mark Lawrence’s King of Thorns, which I”ll hopefully be quite a ways into by the time I get back to town Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, I found fun stuff for you!

If you ran your own dream bookstore, what titles would you make sure you always had copies of?

Looking for some international science fiction? How about the Afro SF anthology, or the Apex Book of World SF,  or The Book of Madness?

Open Culture is my new favorite place to download educational podcasts.  Or if you’d prefer TED talks instead, here ya go.

Columbus looks like a sweet city to live in. can you say CABS??

I so want to get this book, but it’s sort of a little kid book. Maybe when my niece is born?

Recent Patrick Rothfuss goodies: a guide to his books on Sword and Laser, and go check out this year’s  Worldbuilders program.

The Food Through the Pages blog.  food pr0n, recipes, fantasy books. it makes me want to lick my computer screen. Just click the link already!

I’m getting super excited for Immortal Confusion in January outside Detroit. trying to psych myself up to cosplay Holo the Wise Wolf. this would also include me making a costume, as all I’ve right now is the ears.


Some current giveaways you might be interested in:

Win a signed copy of Redemption by Susannah Sandlin over at She Wolf Reads

The Quillery has an insane giveaway of a signed copy of Amanda Carlson’s Full Blooded, plus swag bag goodies!!  You sign up to win over at My Bookish Ways too!

win a gorgeous boxed set of the first three Culture novels from Iain Banks over at Bastard Books. Actually, don’t enter this one. Make believe this one doesn’t even exist, because I want to win this!!

Rainy Day Ramblings has a copy of Cassandra Rose Clarke’s The Assassin’s Curse up for grabs (I want this book just for the stunningly beautiful cover art!)

6 Responses to "Outta town"

As you are probably out of town you won’t get this until you get back, but that doesn’t stop me from wishing you a wonderful time off! I just read a book that I hope you’ll add to your to-read list, Allen Steele’s Apollo’s Outcasts. It was a good one and I was thinking of your vintage month when reading it because it feels like a Heinlein juvenile.


Got back late Wednesday night, spent all day Thursday playing catch up and dealing with some car problems.

*scurries off to read your Apollo’s Outcasts review*


Spice and Wolf cosplay??? Oh my. Mind boggles at the prospect

Have fun!


It was either Holo, or going as Karisu from Steins;Gate, except that would require me straightening my hair. I don’t think the Holo outfit will be that complicated, making the tail will be the hardest part, and if I have time I’ll make a little apple shaped purse. so much cosplay ambitious, but I am lazy, so we’ll see.


Hey, have a good time. Can’t wait for your Mark Lawrence review.
Scott Lynch and Patrick Rothfuss will always have a place in my dream bookstore.


don’t even get me started on you-know-who and his place in my dream bookstore. 😉

didn’t get as much reading done as I’d hoped, dumb me, I had the Lawrence packed safely away in my checked baggage, so missed out on 4 hours of reading time.


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