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Some local places I’m thankful for

Posted on: November 22, 2012

This post  was inspired by this post over at Dark Cargo, in which Lady Dark Cargo talks about her new city, Columbus OH. She specifically talks about the Columbus Library system, and the local art museum.  I live in a much, much smaller city than Columbus, but I’m pretty darn proud of our library and museum, and beyond being proud of these places, and happy to pay taxes that support them, I am sincerely and truly thankful for them.

Sometimes the best things in life are free.

observe, my local library freakin’ rocks. A main branch downtown, a handful of neighborhood branches, I can put stuff on hold on their website, do interlibrary loan, read in the park across the street, admire the stained glass, buy old paperbacks in the basement, use the computer lab on the 2nd floor, and chill in the basement lounge that looks three stories up to the rooftop atrium. Also? library is staffed only by cool people.

Sit in the lower lounge and look up. this is what you see. pretty much: rainbows everywhere.

We’ve also got two pretty cool museums. Okay, they are teensy, but pretty sweet. You can get through our art museum in about an hour, but I always find myself taking ages in the lower level, admiring the portraiture collection. Once the security guard had to let me know the museum was closing in 15 minutes. They offer a gazillion classes, but when I could afford the classes they didn’t work with my work schedule, and when I didn’t have to worry about a work schedule, well, I couldn’t afford the classes.  there’s also a ginormous Chihuly blown glass sculpture in the lobby.  Also? The museum is surrounded by a sculpture garden.  Has so much artistic awesome ever been crammed into one small city block? Museum is free, but it’s nice to put a few bucks in the donation box, since I sure can’t afford any of the kitchy stuff in the gift shop.

Ok, so maybe it’s not such a ginormous Chihuly, maybe it’s just a small lobby?

I haven’t got a photo, but we also host a smaller, family museum. Most of the exhibits are aimed toward kids, and my favorite part of the museum isn’t even inside the museum, it’s up by the road in front of the front door – it’s a functioning sun dial, where your shadow tells the time. My Dad things this is the coolest thing ever, and I wish I could that photo of him standing in the sun dial, he’s got this look of utter surprise on his face that the time is accurate.


Now it’s your turn. tell me about something where you live that your thankful for.


5 Responses to "Some local places I’m thankful for"

The first picture looking up seeing the rainbows is magnificent!


Happy Thanksgiving, Red, good post! Mine on my blog this morning.


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All libraries have rainbows to look up at – how could they not have – the library is the pot of gold at the end after all Okay, that’s just overdoing it but I really love my library. I do. It’s only teeny weeny as well but they are so brilliant. Plus, it’s a small library but it also brings in books from all the other libraries in the borough. Nope, I love that place. Great post.
Lynn 😀


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