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SFSignal Mind Meld post

Posted on: November 21, 2012

along with science fiction luminaries like David Brin, Neal Asher, Julie E. Czerneda, Charles Stross and other writers, researchers and bloggers, I’m part of SFSignal’s most recent Mind Meld about Optimistic Scenarios for Our Future World.   In no universe did I ever imagine I’d be in the same post as any of these amazing people.

the question we were asked was:

Q: It’s not unusual to hear negative things about what the future might bring for the Earth and humankind, and dystopian narrative certainly makes for entertaining futuristic sci-fi scenarios (environmental disaster, overuse of technology, etc). In the spirit of optimism and hope, what are a few of your far future scenarios that speak to the possible positive aspects of our evolving relationship with our world?

I especially liked the responses from Guy Haley,  Charlie Stross, and Sharon Lynn Fisher. Everyone’s responses were wonderful, but those seemed to speak directly to me.

Go take a read, and then let me know in the comments here – what are YOUR optimistic scenarios for our future existence?


5 Responses to "SFSignal Mind Meld post"

That is so cool! I’ll be heading over there to check it out. Congrats!!! 🙂


Thanks Carl! I’m still rather starstruck!


That is seriously really cool. Congratulations. Also I totally agree with the part about shipping babies to space. I mean spacing our babies. I mean… nice post 🙂


lol! 🙂

something to think about tho – if we’re gonna be chillin’ in outer space, would be nice to know if babies could be born out there and be OK. would the baby’s bones be thin and brittle, and if the kid is going to spend their whole life in 0-g, might that be OK? the whole outer space thing is just as much about science and tech as it is about the human beings that will need to live out there. . . i could ramble about this for hours.


If we can leave the planet, or at least greatly reduce the strain on the resources, Mother Nature will do the rest. I love your President Roslyn misquote.


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