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Little Mermaid / Star Wars Mash Up

Posted on: November 5, 2012

Time for your favorite Little Mermaid to get all entangled with Midichlorians.   I do love that movie, so it only hurts a little bit to mash it up like this.

Meanwhile, on a rusty backwater planet, our bounty hunter/thief yearns to escape her downtrodden life and train as a Jedi. She’s collected bit and pieces, flotsam and jetsam, object that she thinks epitomizes the world she’d like to be a part of. And if she works hard enough, maybe, just maybe she’ll be able to train with the famed Jedi Master Skywalker. Little does she know, he’s already got his hands full.

Sung to the tune of Part of Your World
(go ahead, open and run that YouTube in another window. It’s way more fun when you sing along!)

Look at these droids
aren’t they neat.
wouldn’t you think my collections complete?
One of them even knows the
binary language of trade!
look at this droid
he’s part cyborg,
how many wonders can one cavern hold
looking around here you’d think
sure, she’s got everything!
I’ve got droids and blasters a-plenty
I’ve got cannons and couplings galore.
you want disruptors?
I’ve got twenty
but who cares?
no big deal,
I want more!

I wanna be where the Jedi are
I wanna learn, train with their younglings
I know I’m to old too train,but maybe there’s a place
for me. . .

Hanging ’round here you don’t get to far
Jedi training is needed to change my future
stealing and running all day, it gets dull for

Up where they fight, up where they run
up where they stay all day in the sun
Standing for them, one day I’ll be
part of that world.

What would I give, if I could live, with their favor?
what would I pay, to spend a day, training lightsaber?
Betcha up there, up there they see
Bet on Coruscant they’ll need me
Bright young women, sick of stealing,
ready to stand. . .

and Ready to know what the Jedi know
ask masters my questions and get some answers
even if they speak weird sometimes, it’s
Okay. . .

when’s it my turn?
wouldn’t I love to support the rebellion?
up in the sky
Wish I could be
one of the Jedi

9 Responses to "Little Mermaid / Star Wars Mash Up"

Too fun. The Little Mermaid is possibly my favorite Disney movie (or at least a tie with Beauty and the Beast…after all, how can you not love a heroine who likes to read?).


I was obsessed with The Little Mermaid when I was a kid. these days my faves are a tie between Aladdin and Mulan.


You are a naughty woman. How many days in a row can you have me snort laughing hot tea all over my laptop?!? *going to fetch a cleaning rag*


I’m gonna go four for four tomorrow. I have a vast appreciation for the silly and ridiculous!


Beauty and the Beast is my favourite – so tomorrow a song with the theme of ‘tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme’ please. This made me laugh, I had the tune running through my head as I read it – and the strange thing – I was reading it with the voice from The Little Mermaid!
Lynn 😀


Beauty and Beast is on deck, but I’m slaughtering a different song. I can guarantee you will never, ever think of Beauty and the Beast again in the same way!


Who says merpeople aren’t hiding in Naboo, eh? I’m enjoying these.


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