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Worldcon is this weekend, and I have demands!

Posted on: August 30, 2012

This weekend is WorldCon, in Chicago. I hear there were a record number of Hugo ballots received this year, and it’s expected to be a pretty big crowd, due to Chicago being a fairly accessible and get-to-able city for most folks in America. Twitter is afire with messages from my favorite authors and editors saying things like “heading to the airport!”, “ready for WorldCon!”.

I DEMAND blog posts from ALL OF YOU when you return, you hear me? I want photos too. Tweets are also appreciated.

Them’s my demands, and I’m sticking to them! You should also check out my most recent local radio segment, and let me brag about my guestpost on SFSignal.

In return, I agree to finally finish book reviews and post them of Maureen McHugh’s After the Apocalypse, and Steven Brust’s Jhegaala.

And while all the cool kids are chillin’ in Chi-town, I’ll be at a pizza party. But not just any pizza, it’s the third annual pizza cookoff, hosted every year by some foodie friends of mine.  Hubby and I have been experimenting with different pizza toppings and sauces, resulting in a possible cook-off winner (we knew it was a contender because we fought over who got to finish the leftovers), and one pizza that was so disgusting it went right in the trash after the first bite.

if ya’ll post WorldCon photos, I’ll post bizarro pizza photos. equal trade, right?  😉


5 Responses to "Worldcon is this weekend, and I have demands!"

I wanna go…wahhhhhhhh 😀


I agree with you…pics are a must. I wish that I could go..:((


Can’t wait for feedback from Worldcon.
A pizza cook-off. Sounds great – you need to let me know what was on that pizza you were fighting over.
Lynn 😀


if all the Worldcon’ers post con pics, I’ll post pizza pics. eh, I’ll probably post pizza pics anyways, because it’s fun and cool!


my timing was perfect. Worldcon live tweeting had just started when we got home from Pizza cookoff. photos coming soon.


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