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Begged, Borrowed and Bought, XXVI-12-y

Posted on: August 27, 2012

So last night, the husband says “you know what? we haven’t got enough books”.

I look around our small apartment. The bookshelves are bulging, the coffee table is covered in books, the floor under the coffee table has stacks of book, my bedside table is covered in books, husband’s desk is covered in books,  our apartment looks like a library threw up. It’s a miracle the kitchen table and chairs aren’t covered in books.

“you’re right sweetheart”, I responded, quite seriously. “I’ll have to fix that”

While I’m working on a review, here’s a few items that recently snuck into the apartment, while I wasn’t looking, of course. Most of this batch falls under the category of borrowed.

Have you read any of these? which do you recommend? which look interesting? what should I dive into first? what should I skip?

A Guile of Dragons – this is the new from from James Enge, creator of Morlock Ambrose. This appears to be first in a new series, although  connected to his previous Morlock books. I read The Wolf Age and Blood of Ambrose, and while I remember them being entertaining, I also remember Enge having some major pacing issues. Let’s hope he’s worked those out.

Clockwork Rocket by Greg Egan – high priority to read, as it’s my local scifi bookclub’s choice for Sept. This seems to be a relativistic story of beating time by changing how fast it moves (in relation to you, of course). I have high hopes. Egan has about a dozen books out so far, anyone read any of them? This will be my first by him.

Pirate Cinema, by Cory Doctorow – i just about hit the ceiling when my bookseller friend offered to lend me his ARC of this. reading priority is high because a)I should really get it back to him as soon as I can, and b) it’s Cory freakin’ Doctorow!!  this new one is a psuedo sequel to Little Brother, and focuses on people losing access to internet for illegally downloading music, or even being accused of such. I think. I’ll tell ya soon.

Dust, by Elizabeth Bear. I didn’t much care for her most recent, Range of Ghosts, but I’m willing to give her another try.

Singularity Sky, by Charles Stross. I used to read a ton, and I do mean a TON of Charlie Stross. This is a title I’ve never read, and I’m hoping to read this, along with rereading Accelarando and Glasshouse before hopefully seeing Stross at a Con next year. i remember loving Accelerando, I hope it has aged okay.

a few months ago, my Mom asked what I wanted for my birthday.  She chuckled a little when I told her, because when she was a kid, her Dad read these magazines like crazy. First one arrived a few days ago:

6 Responses to "Begged, Borrowed and Bought, XXVI-12-y"

What a lovely haul. I read reeeeeeally slowly these days, and have nothing like that many books in my queue. Although my house also resembles a library with the flu upon occasion…


it’s gonna take me a while to get thru all these! acquiring the books is easy. Finding time to read them . . . not so much.


Oh Yay! Asimov’s! Asimov’s and Analog are addictive.


i’m already addicted! and even better, it’s small and light enough that it fits in my workbag.


Fun stuff! I haven’t read Egan, but Clockwork Rocket, because of its great cover, is on my list of books to buy.

I don’t read Asimov’s as faithfully as I ought to, but I love the mag and subscribed just after Christmas this year. Was thrilled when this latest issue came as it looks so enticing.


I’m maybe a third of way into the issue. and i only got one question for myself: why didn’t I start reading this earlier? Like 5 years ago?


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