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Seanan McGuire made me cry (but that’s okay)

Posted on: July 23, 2012

Due to an odd turn of events at work, I get to enjoy a 2 hour drive each day for the next four days. Thank goodness for podcasting is all I gotta say. I wanted some new goodies, so on Sunday, I asked the twittersphere for some podcast recommendations and reloaded ye olde mp3 player.

A big shout out to blogger KJ Mulder (twitter CrusaderofChaos) for recommending the stellar StarShip Sofa. (other folks recommended some great ones too, this just happened to be the one I turned on this morning) Hosted by the velvety voiced Tony Smith, StarShip Sofa won the 2010 Hugo for best Podcast. There’s plenty more awesome on that sofa, so head over to their website and check them out.

I downloaded a few recent episodes, and early this morning fired up Episode 245 featuring Seanan McGuire’s (you may know her as Mira Grant) short story Crystal Halloway and the Forgotten Passage, which is in the new John Joseph Adams Anthology Other Worlds Than These, and was read by the lovely Christie Yant. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never read any Seanan McGuire, so this would be my first exposure to her fiction.

All I will tell you about the story is that it is about a young woman who grows up. That is all. To tell you anything more would wreck everything.

But ahh, as I am quickly learning, Seanan McGuire is pure magic. A simple sounding story about a girl growing up  turned into a fragile state of brilliance, a fading rainbow, a moment of perfection that ended too soon. There is a good reason she is up for a gazillion awards (a record breaking four hugo noms!).

So go download the podcast, go listen to the story.

But don’t make the same mistake I made:

Don’t listen to it while hurtling down the interstate at seventy five miles per hour. Before the story ended I nearly had to pull over due to umm, possibly having something in my eye. Nope, not crying here, I just have something in my contact lens. Bit of dust of something. Seanan McGuire most certainly did not make me cry. Forget the title of this post, because I was definitely not the woman driving through Indiana weeping into the steering wheel of her Mazda.

But I won’t hold it against her, because now I am committed to reading everything of hers that I can get my hands on. For the remainder of this morning’s drive I self medicated with Katy Perry and that idiotic Call Me Maybe song. I never in my life expected to be thankful for crappy pop radio stations that have the same eight mindless pop songs on repeat. (Call Me Maybe twice in 45 minutes? seriously??)

And I’ll be picking up a copy of that anthology, that’s for sure. Yes, that’s right. Based on one podcast, one free piece of fiction, I am committed to buying a copy of this book (may have to wait a few weeks, until I have some available disposable income). Beyond the chance to revisit the tear-jerker McGuire, I’ll a chance to read short stores by Jeff Vandermeer, Catherynne Valente, Robert Silverberg, Alastair Reynolds, George R R Martin, and really, the list goes on and on.

regarding podcast recommendations: keep ’em coming. I’ve miles to go before I sleep.

17 Responses to "Seanan McGuire made me cry (but that’s okay)"

She is pure magic. Absolutely 😀


I’m a huge fan of hers, and would love to know what you think if you read her Toby Daye series, or the Mira Grant series (which is among my favorite of all time-yes, that good)


I promise this is my last comment 😀 I totally just downloaded the book on this review alone, so I’ll let you know if it makes me weep too. That’s a pretty high likelihood:)


argg, and you are going to get to read the rest of it before I will! I need to sell a kidney or something so I can afford all the books I want to buy. hmmm…. maybe if I sell my car?


I feel your pain, really I do. However, I probably won’t read the rest of it before you! I’m terrible about anthologies…usually takes me quite a while to get through them…


I’ll definitely check this out – thanks for your post! I’ve been working my way through her October Daye series, and have “Feed” coming up on my reading list.


which is the first October Daye book?


Hm, I didn’t realize that Seanan McGuire and Mira Grant were the same person. I had wanted to read Feed but considering how little I enjoyed Rosemary and Rue (I actually didn’t finish it) I might pass up on the book. Though I will have to check out the podcast you mention since I’m always looking for some good ones to listen to.


Seanan McGuire’s stories are amazing, and I’ve had something in my eye when reading one of her books before. But that’s okay, I love her books because they do have such an affect on me!


I haven’t read her work (or Grant’s 😉 ) but this is something I will mark this as something to listen to because I do like me a good cry. Although I wouldn’t want to be in tears for everything I read/listened to/watched I do like it when a creator can move me that way. And the older I get the more sentimental I get and the more often I find myself tearing up over some little thing.


I never had reactions like this when I was younger. growing up is a weird, weird thing.


Looks like the story is available free online here:

I haven’t read it yet, but I’ll send it to the kindle. I’ve really enjoyed her October Daye series, so very different from the Feed books, but both are great reads 🙂


You post this just as I am halfway through Rosemary and Rue (October Daye numero uno, just in case no-one’s said), which I started reading on the strength of Mira Grant’s “Newsflesh” series. That and they sound like Harry Dresden novels. So far it’s been great!

I do however have the problem that getting hold of her books in the UK seems to be a herculean feat.


Thanks for the recommendation. Seanan’s is a familiar name to me but her work isn’t. Time to rectify that.


Thanks for the recommendation. I downloaded the story and listened to it as well…it was really good.

I’m always reminded how awesome it is when an author can deliver the goods in short story form.


I love Seanan McGuire’s stuff, and I distinctly remember how this story made me feel, even though I read it a while back. Glad to see its appreciated, out of all the work out there.


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