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Begged, borrowed and bought (new stuff!)

Posted on: April 26, 2012

this is about two weeks worth of book hauling. and goodies in the mail from publishers who I want to give a giant hug to:

Let’s see what we got.  in an attempt to actually read the stuff I acquire, I’ve prioritized these. We’ll see how well I stick to my “rules” after a few months and another book haul. Don’t expect to see reviews instantly, I just this morning got back into town and haven’t started on any of these (just finished Sarah Zettel’s Fool’s War and then picked up Scott Lynch’s Red Seas Under Red Skies for our read along). I’ve also got few library books not mentioned here that I need to eventually get to as well.  Le sigh, the life of a book lover!

2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson (May 2012) I’ve been a fan of Kim Stanley Robinson since Red Mars. His science fiction is deep, detailed (really, really detailed. Like Neal Stephenson detailed) and realistic feeling. Ok, sure, Antartica was kinda boring, but I appreciated the concept. I am really looking forward to diving into 2312. Priority – high.

The Company Man, by Robert Jackson Bennett – SF Noir? Perhaps some kind of mix of Dark City and Sam Spade? looks good to me! I loved Bennett’s The Troupe, so am excited to read more of his works. By the way, have you seen his recent book trailer? priority – medium

The Mongoliad book one (April 2012) by a multitude of cool people – I’m really not sure what this is. rumors were swirling around the interwebs a few years ago about some kind of subscription where beta-readers could interact with the authors about the story while they were writing it. Woah, totally meta! And Neal Stephenson’s name is on it. I therefore want to read it. Also stars this decade’s favorite historical character, Richard Francis Burton.    priority – high

vN – by Madeline Ashby (July 2012) Looks sort of like the author took Asimov’s three laws of robotics and removed them from our main character android. Also, she’s part human? and the environs are kinda Bladerunner-ish? Sign me up for some of that!!    priority – high

To The Galactic Rim, by A. Bertram Chandler – I’ve never read any Chandler. This omnibus includes four of the John Grimes short novels – The Road to the Rim, To Prime the Pump, The Hard Way Up and The Broken Cycle. Go Baen Books for reprinting all this wonderful old skool SciFi! They have three more Chandler omnibuses (omnibusii? omnibusae?) forthcoming.  priority – medium

Conflict of Honors by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller  –  I ran into a friend of mine (she works at a bookstore) and she said “you like space opera, right?”, and of course I said “yes!!”, and she said “I’ll be right back, i have something you are going to love!” anyone heard of this book or these authors? priority – low

Survival, by Julie Czerneda  – Recommended by a good blogger friend. It’s the first in a trilogy. the bookstore had all three, and if they still have books two and three next time I’m there I’m going to buy them. priority – medium

The Anvil of the World  by Kage Baker – Scott Lynch did an AMA on Reddit and Kage Baker came into the conversation when I asked him about all the wonderful food and drink descriptions. . . ‘nuf said. I’ve never read her, and I guess she wrote mostly SciFi and this is one of her few fantasy novels? What say you, blogosphere? Also, it’s a library book, so priority – high.

Overclocked, by Cory Doctorow – I do loves me some Cory Doctorow. I’ve read nearly everything he’s written, but as he often publishes under smaller presses  (read: his stuff is hard to find sometimes in the US), I’ve been slowly picking up  his books when I see them. I’ve read nearly every story in Overclocked at least twice thanks to the library and Cory’s website, so I bought this one mainly just to own it.  priority – low

Skeen’s Leap by Jo Clayton  – Came highly recommended by a blogger buddy, but I’ve got a metric ton of scifi on my plate right now, so this one may wait till the summer. priority – medium

Kiln People by David Brin – This is probably my favorite David Brin. I’ve gotten it out of the library twice now, so I couldn’t resist a well priced trade paperback!  He’s got a new one coming out this summer you know! priority – low.


so. . .   what looks good to you?  agree with my priorities? disagree?

12 Responses to "Begged, borrowed and bought (new stuff!)"

I’ve got a copy of The Company Man too that I’ve been dying to get to. Mongoliad I just recently heard about and sounds interesting. And I like the spine to 2312. I think I’ll have to add that to my To Read list. This is a great pile of books!


Is the Baker part of her Company series or is it stand alone?

And I know what you mean about the ever changing TBR pile. Between library holds, discovering new recommendations from friends and my mood to read, it seems like it changes daily. 🙂


I’m interested in what you think of Anvil of the World. We’ll chat after you’ve read it.

Ditto on the Liaden universe.

AUGH! You found HB for Czerneda? *die!*

I’m going to get my 5c post on Skeen up…today hopefully.


I’ve heard some great things about vN. Looking forward to your review.


I just started re-reading Kiln People, but put it aside for Mongoliad.


I don’t think Brin has been at the top of his game since the Uplift War books. Which is a shame because they were sooo good.


Fancy the Company Man. To be read piles – don’t bother making rules – rules are made for breaking anyway and as soon as you make them you’ll just want to rebel. Start more than one TBR pile – one in each room!
Lynn 😀


Wow, are you getting all these from publishers? Aren’t some of these not out yet? Impressive pile.


three of them are from Publishers, which your eagle eyes have already spied out! that’s the “begged” in the post title. 😉

it’ll only impressive if I can actually read everything here without getting distracted or overwhelmed.


I am impressed. I have had a very few publishers send me stuff, but not recently. But my blog does not focus on book reviews, so I don’t attract their attention as much.


I’ve heard of Lee and Miller but never read any of their work. I did think the spine of the book looked interesting enough that I would pick it up to at least glance at.

I am seeing Chandler all over the place lately thanks to Baen’s re-releases and I think I need to get on board and try some of the John Grimes stories.

vN sounds very interesting. Haven’t heard of the book or the author.

I saw mention of The Company Man elsewhere recently and I love the concept. Haven’t read the author but am encouraged that you have enjoyed other work by him.


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