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Apparently I need a bigger coffee table.

Posted on: April 4, 2012

I was going to post some picture of new books I done acquired, talk about a manga series I was finally able to finish, and blah blah blah, but to sum it all up, here is a picture of my coffee table. It’s being eaten by the all books that are currently on my radar.

Apparently I need a bigger coffee table.  And I really need to straighten that ugly rug!


12 Responses to "Apparently I need a bigger coffee table."

Well, I suppose you could always stack them. Or get rid of the remotes…


i don’t even know what half those remotes go to. way too much technology.


Probably other remotes? Or worse, themselves.

Now I’m imagining a recursive remote system just like that… 😛


ahem, I actually thought the rug was the coffee table there (just for a moment) or until you mentioned the rug – then I looked a bit closer and there is a coffee table there somewhere (its using a special book glamour!)
Lynn 😀
Very nice haul!


“special book glamour”, I am so stealing that!!

the haul includes items bought, libraried, borrowed from friends . . . and shit, I just realized how much $$ i have spent on books in the last month. so that’s shy my bank account has been empty lately.

btw, thanks for your e-mail, I’ll respond later this evening. 😀


That coffee table looks vaguely like my library-book shelf… and the spillover to the coffee table… and the spillover from there to the couch… and the floor…

Maybe I should get a coffee table?


We have a container for the remotes that looks like a book


I’m so jealous of you right now.


omg old vintage Michael Moorcock books!!!!! that stood out when I was looking at your table 🙂


I’ve been reading some Moorcock here and there, my husband has always been a huge fan of his. Major thanks to our local indie booksellers who were able to find these Corum books for us. They’re in really good condition too. Some of the cover art is hilarious, i’ll have to post some close up pics sometime.


I love those trippy 70s Moorcock covers. I have a load of them — I can’t resist picking them up when I see them (and they’re invariably dirt cheap), and he was just so damn prolific!


My table used to look like like that too. LOL


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