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When New Year’s Resolutions Attack

Posted on: December 31, 2011

I’m happy to say, 2011 was a hella awesome year for me:

– Was my first full calendar year blogging, in which I posted 104 reviews

– I joined Twitter

– I got my first blurb on a book

– I got a promotion at work (ok, not blog related, actually, blog detrimental, but still cool)

– I got really inventive in finding new places in the house to stash books (such as inside the TV stand).

– I participated in two read alongs. We read Dune over the summer, and The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings trilogy this autumn. If you’ve never participated in a read along, they are great fun!

I hope all my bloggy friends had a wonderful 2011 as well, and here’s to all of us having an even better 2012!


But did I reach any of my reading and blogging goals for this year? What about those pesky bookish New Years Resolutions? Way back in December of last year,  I proposed that 2011 be the year of “reading what I’ve got”.  Fewer trips to the library, fewer trips to the local bookstore, and more trips to the bookshelf for titles I’d purchased once upon a time, but never read.  I must have had some time on my hands, because I managed to count up everything I owned, and figure out how much of it I’d read.

So, did I make any headway on reading more books that I owned?  Does buying a ton of books and getting some ARCs in the mail skew the results? Cuz I bought a metric sh*t-ton of books. and got a handful of ARCs.  I’m not going to count everything I own again, but we can look at the stats of what I reviewed:

of the 104 books I reviewed in 2011:

20 were off my bookshelves
28 were purchased (either new or used)
36 were borrowed from the library or borrowed from friends
20 were ARC’s received from publishers or authors

That New Year’s resolution to “read what I got” instead of buying and borrowing new-to-me titles? Can you say Epic Fail?  It’s not my fault tho. . .  all my bloggy friends posting reviews of books that looked awesome that I just HAD to read! and with Valente and Kent and Rothfuss and Hodder and Stephenson coming out with new stuff like every five minutes, what’s a girl to do?

I better come up with something more realistic for 2012. Like join a gym (ha! like that’s gonna happen!).

So what are you gonna be up to in 2012?


8 Responses to "When New Year’s Resolutions Attack"

I should start working on my TBR pile… I’ve stopped updating my “upcoming reviews” list because I have too many books that I want to read. I just can’t help buying new books when I go to the bookstore. I also know the feeling of creatively stacking books in odd places, as I only own a tiny bookshelf that won’t fit even half of my books. 😛


Too funny. My NYR is to read from my shelves – like 80% or some such number. We’ll see if it happens.


Which begs the question – how long do you have to own a book before it becomes just another book that’s on your shelves?


That is a good question. I think about a week is enough to know if I’m going to read it right away or if it’s going to sit for a while. As much as I shouldn’t have such a huge TBR pile, it is nice to be able to have a nice selection to choose from depending on my mood at any given time.


When you cannot name all books on the shelf without looking..:)


You are officially a book blogger when you can with all sincerity and truth place the blame for your bookish extravagances on your blogging friends. Welcome! We are addicts without a cure. 🙂

Happy New Year!!!! Overall my 2011 was good. I got a raise and then got another interim raise to take on some extra duties at work for a short period of time. I read some really good books. I made some really good blogging friends.

Congrats on the book blurb, not sure how I missed that one. That is very cool!

I also joined Twitter. I am a terribly sporadic user, but am glad that I finally took that plunge.

I wish you the very best for 2012!!!


Bookshelves?? I have totes of books if only I had the room to put my books in a shelf. This past year I have been good I purchased one book and all the rest were either owned by myself or a library book.

I have some books that I want to read in 2012 like The Name of the Wind for instance. I would like to devote more time to read rather than watching sports. I am pledging in ONLY watching my teams, thus freeing up a lot of my time.


I think you’ll enjoy The Name of the Wind. It was an excellent book.

I generally get a lot of reading done while having the NFL on, but this season I’ve had other blogging projects going on and that is a great time to blog. But I’ve missed reading during the games.


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