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AtHomeCon’ing this weekend

Posted on: December 1, 2011

What are you up to this weekend? Forget shoveling snow or getting caught up on laundry or making fun of people who are shoveling snow, I’m gonna be attending AtHomeCon over at DarkCargo(twitter handle @djerfisherite )

What’s this AtHomeCon you say?   As DarkCargo says:

“AtHomeCon is a flurry of frequently-published posts over a weekend. The idea is to sit your jams, with a cuppa whatever in one hand and Count Chocula in the other, reading up on what folks are doing and reading via the convenience of your laptop. As Barbara Friend-Ish said, Really, what you’re wearing is fine.”

And I am all about teh chillaxin’ for a weekend and doing nothing but taking books with all my favorite people (that’s you, by the way).  So pull up a chair, refill your mug, and get ready for a weekend of giveaways, author chat, and gaming nerdiness. Basically all the fun you’d have at a con except the food is better, the prices are cheaper, and you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in the elevator with that smelly guy.

(All the best giveaways, author chats and gaming nerd awesomeness will be taking place over at DarkCargo .  You didn’t hear it from me, but I heard she’s giving away some vintage SF goodies. . .   might come in handy for my January Vintage SF month!)

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8 Responses to "AtHomeCon’ing this weekend"

Cons without ever having to leave the house? I think they’re starting to get the hang of this now…though for authors and the like, I’d be curious to see if it hurts or buoys the networking potential. Have fun!


That sounds like fun, and I will of course wish you all the best in the drawings. Not sure what the weekend holds for me (hopefully some time in Skyrim) but if I can I’ll pop over there and see what is happening.


I would love to do this ATHomeCon thinger cabober. I have to work until Tuesday…uggh. I will partake in it as much as I can though..;)


i hear ya. I expect to be home for about an hour on Sunday myself. and by the time I get home, all the good stuff will be over. 😦 set Dark Cargo to your home page, just for this weekend, so when you do have 10 minutes here and there to pop online, you can see what’s going on there right away.


it’s gonna be a good time!

and I just realized I’ve got about 10 times as many Vintage SF books as I can possibly read in January for Vintage month. Inspired by DarkCargo, maybe I’ll do some vintage giveaways of my own?


Sounds like good fun to me!

I can relax tomorrow, but I’m off to London on Sunday 🙂


the best thing about the internets is that the party never ends. We’ll be here on Tuesday, too. I’ll put up a post-con giveaway that will run Tues to Tues.


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