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Making Monday suck less

Posted on: November 21, 2011

Mondays suck, don’t they?  Let’s have some fun stuff instead!

If you’ve been following Angry Robot on twitter, or the feeds of plenty of folks in the blogosphere, you know Angry Robot Books has recently made two huge, massive, wonderful announcements: First, they’re starting a YA imprint called  Strange Chemistry. Great news for all you YA fans looking for what Angry Robot tends to specialize in: SF, F, and WTF.  And the second announcement? Even better than the first!  Guess whose heading up the new YA imprint? Again, if you’re active in the SF twittersphere or on heavily trafficked SF blogs, I’ll be you already know her. In fact, you may have already congratulated her. If you haven’t, get your butt over to Floor to Ceiling Books and congratulate the blogosphere’s own Amanda Rutter. She’s shutting her blog down, but you can still catch her on twitter.

Huh, maybe I should have left that for last, since the rest of this post is just random inconsequential fun stuff? ehh, whatevs.

Teh random fun stuff:

I recently picked up Cory Doctorow’s Context from the library. This is a collection of essays he’ written over the last few years on everything from kids and the internet to copyfighting to politics and parenting. Some have appeared on BoingBoing, others in Locus, others in The Guardian, and yet others were articles published on Publishers Weekly while he was self publishing With a Little Help.  There’s a lot of good stuff in this little volume, I’ve been flipping through the pages and reading essays here and there, and all have been informative, well written, and entertaining. If you’re a fan of Doctorow, this is definitely a little book that’s well worth seeking out.

Random item number two, is what should you do if you’re the first human to have contact with aliens?  Appropriate to think about, since I’m slogging through the Larry Niven/Jerry Pournelle epic space opera first contact story The Mote in God’s Eye (ok, I should say slogging, but it’s not a fast read. Imagine if 2 seasons of Battlestar Galactica were mashed up with 3 seasons of Deep Space Nine, take out all the romance, and then cram everything that’s left into 500 pages. It’s a lot!).  I think I’ll take this guy’s hilarious and helpful advice.

wanna see some fun artwork?

Once upon a time it was called trompe l’oeil, and was somewhat limited to small scale murals in people’s dining rooms, but now we just call it 3-D graffiti, and it’s everywhere:

Here are a few of the images that I found on Impact Lab and Web Urbanist (Click on the links for way more awesome artwork).

But what’s better than all of that, you ask? What’s bigger, stronger, faster, and world record breaking?


Click here for more photos, more info, and two short little youtube videos about the making of this behemoth.  What will they come up with next, I wonder?

9 Responses to "Making Monday suck less"

Not a huge YA fan, but Angry Robot is a great publisher, so I’m sure whatever they’re doing will turn out very original (seriously, the ARCs I’ve got from them recently are the most eclectic I’ve read – well, not quite EVER, but close to it).

That art is absolutely incredible, though. I need to get to see some of this in real life…


I hear ya. I’m not a big YA reader either, I’m just super geeked their new editor came from the blogosphere (Granted, she had done some editing work before, but still!).


That is pretty incredible, yes! (I really should have checked out her blog before now 😉 )


The guy received some of those art pieces in an email forward once. They are amazing!


I think that gorge one would freak me out. I get vertigo just looking at it, can’t imagine what it would be like to actually see it live. So cool how creative people can make images like that look so three dimensional.

Very good news for Amanda Rutter, can’t help but be thrilled and excited for her. Look forward to seeing what kind of YA offerings Angry Robot brings out in the coming year(s).

Mondays do suck. Except this past one where I took the day off and vegged out playing Skyrim and reading Return of the King. That was a good Monday.


I’ve become a skyrim widow. I blame that partially on you. 😉


I’ve become a Skyrim zombie! I only got 4 hours of sleep last night. I am soooo tired.


Don’t know what this “twittersphere” or “twitter” you speak of is. Something to do with birds, I suppose, which doesn’t make sense when speaking of a book blog but then maybe the Young Adult series includes books about birds, or young nature lovers, or something. Young James Audubon, perhaps?

Anyway I have bought some books from Angry Robot and liked them.


ah Richard, you crack me up!


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