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Hey, hey, This here Anakin guy. . . .

Posted on: October 25, 2011

may be Vader some day later now he’s just a small fry. . .

Behold!  Weird Al’s brilliant spoof of Episode One.  This has been out for a while, so I’m sure most of you have already heard/seen it. Complete with guitar playing Jedi, odd aliens, a horrible Padme, Weird Al with short hair, and the damn catchiest chorus ever.  To the tune of American Pie, of course.

holy crap, is that the Emperor on keys at the end??


and there’s more!




Remember Red Leader and Gold Leader? Wedge and his crew?  They never planned on Stacy, known as Pink Five.  She’s not such a good pilot. . . but every rebellion needs a valley girl who joined up because the Empire uniforms were just so bad.

Episode I
Episode II
Episode III
Episode IV




And it ain’t Star Wars without some Boba Fett. Damn do I love this song. I sing it in the car on the way to grocery store. the good stuff starts around 1:23, and this probably isn’t safe for work.

My backpacks got jets. . .




and speaking of music videos made from video game footage, check out this Franz Ferdinand / Take me Out / Star Wars (the old republic?) mash up. This video ran on a short lived MTV show a few years ago, it was all videogame / music mash-ups. I can no longer listen to this song without thinking of Star Wars.


7 Responses to "Hey, hey, This here Anakin guy. . . ."

Have you seen Luke Ski’s retelling of the original Star Wars using the music from Grease?


zomgosh, no! that sounds hilarious! link?


You haven’t heard bad karaoke until you’ve heard the Episode One spoof sung by a person who sounds like a cat being baptized. After 6 minutes of karaoke agony (that felt like 3 days), I checked to see if blood was coming out of my ears. I had always enjoyed the song before that – now it’s an abomination to me…


your comment made me snort beer and frenchfries out my nose! awful, but too funny!! and that frenchfry hurt, I’ll have you know.

this is why you’re supposed to drink at karaoke, so by the time those cat baptizing folks take the mike you’re too drunk to care.


These videos are awesome. I’ve not heard the Weird Al song in a while, it’s good to be reminded of his awesomeness 🙂


o man thats some funny stuff.


Although it’s not science fiction, it ought to be.

This is the original:

and this is the songified version:


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