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Westeros or a Ren Faire?

Posted on: September 26, 2011

Are you ready for a rummmbbbbllleeee!!!

Are you ready for the violence, the pageantry, the bravery, the HONOR that is the LISTS of the JOUST??

Wait, did I wake up in Westeros, or am I at a Ren Faire?

These guys sure look like they walked right out of Westeros:

That crest could be sort of Baratheon-ish

That could be sort of Lannister-ishy?

Certainly not Jaime, but the handsomest dude at the joust.

And then they beat the crap out of each other on horseback, and it was teh awesomesauce.

Ok, so I didn’t wake up in Westeros. Over the weekend me and a buddy road-tripped to our state’s Renaissance Festival, and had a blast. As I’ve already been outed as “someone who likes that kind of thing”, I was in it for the joust!!  As violent as I remember this being when I was a kid, these days it is fully staged to protect the horses, all of whom are rescue horses.  Saved from the glue factory to run around a field for 30 minutes 3 times a day and then get petted by a gazillion little kids.

And all I could think through the entire show was “zomg, I feel like I woke up in Westeros!  that’s so cool!”  of course, no one who was sitting near me had any idea what I was talking about.

If you’ve never been to a Renissance Faire, you should go. They are fun and silly and it’s something everyone should experience at least once.  Also, dudes juggling stuff  on fire while they are balanced on wobbly stuff.  And that’s not the only dangling participle, as one of said jugglers was wearing tights.  really thin, really tight tights.

Crazy people doing crazy things

10 Responses to "Westeros or a Ren Faire?"

hahahahahahaha. A friend and I recently went to our local Renfest and had a blast, so this made me laugh and brought up good memories. Thanks for the post!


anytime! happy to have given you a chuckle. πŸ˜€


I love Medieval/Renaissance fairs! It’s been too long since I was last at one. A Westeros themed event would be pretty awesome though.


a Westeros themed event would be incredibly awesome! I wouldn’t be surprised if there is one at San Diego ComiCon next year.

There was a dude dressed like a viking. . . he could have been an Iron Isles fellow. I shoulda gotten a picture of him!


We never have them down here, but I’d love to go to one. The sad thing about this is that this joust looks far more impressive than the one in the show. Overall I enjoyed GoT on TV, but the Hand’s Tourney was really disappointing.


the photos make it look good . . . but trust me, the staging on the TV Hand’s Tourney was way better.

the tricky thing about making a joust look good is the timing because the actual event of jousting takes about 2 seconds. and then poof, it’s over. 😦 really tough to make it look good on TV.


Looks very fun. Not sure why I’ve never went to our Ren Fest. There is a big one every year and I somehow manage to miss it.

Great pix! Glad you had a good time.


you should go! fun shows, bad food, excellent music, silly people, hilarious people watching, it’s great! Check the website for the one near you, see if a band called Wine and Alchemy plays there. They are the best world music band I’ve ever heard, and they put on a great live show.


The Zucchini Brothers! I haven’t seen them in several years…I don’t think they come to our faire anymore. 😦

Thanks for sharing the pictures! It looks like you had a grand time.


“what do yellow and black stripes mean?”
“no! it means caution!”

they do the same show every year, but it doesn’t get old. Those guys however, are finally getting old and they were saying that they will probably retire after this year.


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