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LOTR Fellowship of the Ring read-along starts this weekend!

Posted on: September 1, 2011

because you’re not busy enough with the R.I.P. challenge, come join Geeky Daddy and me on our read-along of JRR Tolkien’s famous Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Because everyone has different versions, we’ll be referring to the chapter names in each book.  Think 7-9 chapters per week, 3-4 weeks per book,  with discussion questions going out on Thursdays and fun discussions back and forth every Saturday.

Here’s the breakdown for The Fellowship of The Ring:

1st week A long Expected Party thru Fog on the Barrows down (8 chapters), discussion starts on SEPT 10.
2nd week At the sign of the prancing Pony thru The Ring Goes South (7 chapters), Discussion starts on SEPT 17
3rd week  A Journey in the Dark thru The Breaking of the Fellowship (7 chapters), discussion starts on SEPT 24

Stay tuned for reading schedules for the The Two Towers and The Return of the King and later The Children of Hurin.

We hope you’ll join us whether this is your first read of the trilogy or your 10th.  If you’ve already signed up no need to sign up again, although you’re still welcome to post in the comments!  (you’re already signed up if you kept getting annoying e-mails from me last month during our The Hobbit read-along)

Haven’t signed up yet and want to?  it’s easy!  post a reply in the comments in this thread or on Geeky Daddy’s blog, or tweet either one of us and we’ll add you to the mailing list.  It’s going to be a blast, we hope you’ll join us!

hmmm…   as a LOTR virgin, I think I’m gonna go read this Wikipedia article on Middle Earth.

forget Mordor, I’m scared shitless of Shelob.

15 Responses to "LOTR Fellowship of the Ring read-along starts this weekend!"

R.I.P.? What is that? 😉

I’m going to *try* to read Fellowship along with you all. I have sooo many reading commitments that I am not sure it is possible, but I am actually working ahead on Fragile Things and on Storm Front so it may be possible. As I said before, I am in with The Two Towers and with Return of the King.

Since you are a LOTR virgin I will tell you that as much as I LURV with Squee-inducing glee these novels, Fellowship was hard for me to get into until I got past about a fourth of the way in, so don’t let that color your enjoyment of the book if you feel the same way. You may not. But it seems to be a consistent opinion among a number of fans of the book.


no prob Carl, jump in whenever you can. I’m about 10 pages into Fellowship, and it’s fine . . . so far.


I spent Sunday reading nothing but Fellowship of the Ring as I sat outside in fall-like weather. What a wonderful experience. I have no idea what has changed since the first time, but I found myself eating up every word of Fellowship this time. I got half way through the book and then stopped so that I can try to keep more on our schedule so that things will be fresh in my mind when I answer questions.

I am so glad I decided to go ahead and read the whole trilogy with the group. Look forward to the first post on the 10th.


awesome! I’m so happy you can squeeze this in with everything else you’re involved in right now. i got one more chapter to go, then need to put some questions together.


I have to say, if those are your own personal copies of the books, I am highly jealous. Those are the coolest ones I have ever seen.


My other half received them as a gift a number of years ago. It’s a beautiful set, I’m almost afraid to read them, worried I might get some marks on them!


It is a beautiful set. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen them divided into 7 books before


the last book is all the appendices. maybe i should look at that one first? it probably has all the maps and translations and such.


I would love to join this readalong but unfortunately I have just reread the book early this year


I still haven’t made up my mind if I am joining in. On the one hand I really want to, but on the other hand there is so much else going on. I read one of the History of Middle Earth books earlier this year and it basically was like reading this first book, so I am not sure if I need to reread it. Decisions, decisions…


Novroz & Kailana – when you have a chance, stop by and check out the threads. I’m sure it’ll jog your memories and you’ll want to jump in and comment. 😀


If those books come up missing it isn’t because I stole them. So don’t come looking at my house.


The weather turned to more seasonable climes last night and it is positively chilly this morning. So I gathered up The Fellowship of the Ring and went out to enjoy the cool morning with some Tolkien. 35 pages in and I am thrilled that I decided to do this with you. Thank you both for hosting this, it is going to be a real pleasure.


For some reason time management has worked out well with this one. I’m keeping a step ahead on all my reading for group reads and am managing to read a book for R.I.P. right now that isn’t one I’m reading with anyone else. If I can keep this organization up it should be pretty easy to manage everything. And after seeing the extended editions on screen in June really made me ache to read these again. I’m thrilled to be able to just participate in this one and not have to host it.


[…] in my Currently Reading section of the sidebar that I am reading The Fellowship of the Ring. Andrea and Clint are hosting a The Lord of the Rings group read beginning now, with one book each month […]


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