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We all live in a SFnal universe now.

Posted on: August 31, 2011

I heard something wonderfully (or frightfully) science fictional on NPR the other day.  They were talking with a security firm who figured out how to unlock car doors via text message.

The firm sounds all Sneakers-esque, and breaking into a car through a text message sounds like something Cory Doctorow or William Gibson would write into a SF book, doesn’t it? And if it wasn’t in the most recent James Bond movie, I’m sure it’ll be in the next one, although sadly not provided by Q.

read or listen to the full story here it’s quick and truly fascinating.

The most fun (or most scary, depending on how you look at it) part of this is thinking about the next step, from both sides of it. Up here in the north, we love our remote car starters. Text message car starting means you can do it from far away. from your bedroom, or your basement, or penthouse apartment, or the luggage pickup at the airport. Claudia (who I adore!!) hacked into someone’s GPS on Warehouse 13 last night . . . .

you see? fun and scary! aannnnddd . . . . .  I think I’ll be walking or biking to work for a little while!

4 Responses to "We all live in a SFnal universe now."

I re-watched Minority Report earlier this summer and had to laugh and how much of the tech in that movie does not look implausible any more. Things are progressing so rapidly that near-future science fictional novels and films may look like pieces of retro art before too long.

I have to add my two cents: thanks to Craig’s portrayal in Casino Royale I decided to read the Bond books. I’ve only gotten through half of them (and like them) and must say that I’m not disappointed that there is no Q in the newer Bond films. That whole gadget-filled schtick is not present in any of the novels I’ve read thus far and Bond is much more gritty and circumstances not silly like they did for so many other film versions. I have no idea why Ian Fleming ever let them go down that road in the first place. Anyway, just a pet peeve of mine. LOL!


Everytime I run into something SF in RL I think of that movie! Especially when he’s at the mall, and the stores tailor advertising to what they think he purchased last time.

I’ve been meaning to pick up some old Bond books, I grew up watching Connery, and I think Craig’s did a great job. I’m happy to hear the books are more serious. any particular titles you recommend?


I heard that piece too, and yes, it’s all just a matter of time (as long as we don’t blow each other up first).

Technology engulfs us, better learn how to swim! Either that or drive a really old car.


yeah, I can’t wait to get a newer car and have it tell me “you have 4 facebook messages waiting and there is a sale at The Gap”. that’s just freaky!


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