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Kingkiller Chronicles predictions: What a Woman Wants

Posted on: July 5, 2011

So I finally got my other half to read Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind (reviewed here) and The Wise Man’s Fear (reviewed here), which, for the uninitiated are books one and two in Rothfuss’s Kingkiller Chronicles. We both adored The Name of the Wind, and while I found The Wise Man’s Fear to be long yet lovely, the other half had similar complaints as many other reviewers have had: it’s too long, too episodic, Denna is annoying and it’s too convenient that she keeps showing up everywhere Kvothe does, the Felurian bit was fine but went on about 50 pages too long, same with the Adem fighting clan bits.

we discussed it, and I pointed him to Jo Walton’s excellent spoilery threads on TOR, which he read, and then I reread. if you’ve read both books, go read ‘em. if you haven’t read these books, for the love of anything you believe in, do NOT read the TOR spoilery posts, or this great thread over at Fantasy Faction. It will spoil everything. As could, umm, reading the rest of this post.

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, be warned: this post contains spoilers, guesses, predictions, etc that you may want to avoid if you haven’t read these books.

So, back to the Kingkiller Chronicles discussion I was having with my always adorable other half,  the questions that kept coming up over and over again included:

why are we trusting Kvothe to be telling the truth? some of his stories sound legit, but others are so outlandish as to be completely implausible. he admits to having started legends and rumors about himself while at University, and have you never heard of unreliable narrators?

What does Bast want? that question quickly turned into Who is Bast and what is his connection to Kvothe, which quickly turned into what does Felurian want?

Bast is a fae creature, we know that for sure. there are some rumors/predictions/guesses online that Bast is the child of Felurian and Kvothe, and while to me, that’s a detail that doesn’t really matter, I do give that possibility a 50/50 chance. my thought is this: Bast is working with/for Felurian towards her goal.


and what is Felurian’s goal?


don’t ever think for one moment that the Fae are anything like us humans. Ever.


There is one thing Felurian wants: she wants fame. she wants everyone to know who she is. She is beyond horrified at the idea of being forgotten. The moment she is forgotten, she will disappear, forever, from the minds of men, and this simple can not happen. in fact, I do not think there is room in her worldview for that concept. And since most folks who visit her never come back, she is actually quite dependent on Kvothe to tell her story and spread her fame. That ain’t workin’ out so well with Kote running a tavern in a village that’s on no map.

the only way Felurian can get what she wants is for Kvothe to tell his story, that stars her for a little while. Even better, for him to tell her story, perhaps by finishing a song he started writing about her. A song that will be sung by others, a song that will spread her fame. Felurian is a woman used to getting what she wants, and using any tool (that would be Bast) to do so. Bast needs Kvothe to remember, he needs Kvothe to be the man he claims he’s been, and Bast will do anything to make this happen.

So that’s my prediction. It’s all about Felurian, all about those scenes in Wise Man’s Fear that had so many readers panties in a twist.

I’m sure in book three we’ll get buckets of Chandrian and four panel doors and locks with no keys and Denna being a pest and Auri and Elodin being awesome, and laughter and tears and humor and prophecies and Bast and everything else I want.

not to mention a box, a lineage, and the (un)intended side effects of changing one’s true name.


But in the end, I think it’s all gonna come back to Felurian.


15 Responses to "Kingkiller Chronicles predictions: What a Woman Wants"

Just skimmed because I haven’t read A Wise Man’s Fear. Its waiting there on the shelf for me though.

Jo Walton is amazing. Not only did I live her novel, Among Others, but her posts on Tor dot Com are consistently interesting. I am loving her reviews of the award winning books by year and her recent re-read and review of Heinlein’s novel, A Farmer in the Sky, was a real treat.


I love Jo Walton too! the vast majority of my time spent on Tor is reading her articles.


Not reading the rest of this post!! LOL I bought The Name of the Wind a couple of weeks ago–hope to dive into it before the end of the summer. 😉


I still haven’t read the sequel, but I LOVED the first book.

Finally returning the favour of reading your blog!


I loved both books. And I love Rothfuss’ blog too, he is such a fan-boy, its great


Interesting ideas, though I’m not yet sold on Bast as an agent of Felurian for a couple reasons. Bast was utterly shocked and appalled at Kvothe’s encounter with the Cthaeth. But Felurian was aware of the encounter and if she had sent Bast as her agent I think she’d have given him a full briefing on the man he was sent to ensure would spread her fame. Quite possible she had her reasons for not telling him, but casts some doubt on that theory to me.

The other thing, and this only sort of counts, since it’s by exactly canon, but I think it does offer some insight into Rothfuss’ delightfully fuzzy head, is the write up he did for Kvothe v. Jaime Lannister (his version blew Martin’s rendition out of the water in my opinion). Bast seems truly and utterly devoted to Kvothe. As to why, I’ve no idea. Perhaps it began with him as Felurian’s agent. But I’m convinced that presently he puts Kvothe’s needs far and above Felurian’s.


[…] 5) What is your favorite post that you have written?not really scifi or fantasy, I really liked the review I wrote of Catherynne Valente’s “Deathless”. She specializes in fairy tale/mythology retellings, and Deathless is sort of something like that. It’s an incredible book written by an incredible woman. And i was kinda snarky on the title of the post, which is always fun. ( I cheat and tell my 2nd favorite post too? It’s my super spoilery guesses on where Patrick Rothfuss is going next with his Kingkiller Chronicles series starring Kvothe, who is also sort of deathless. (wow, I think I just realized i’ve got a weakness for handsome men who refuse to die?) Rothfuss is another incredible writer whose debut novel “The Name of the Wind” single handedly turned me into a fantasy fan. (…) […]


I’ve got an interesting half formed idea. The books are called The Kingkiller Chronicles. And Ambrose Jakis is something like 12th in line for the throne.

While it seems far more likely that the grudge plays itself out at the university, consider the idea that Ambrose became the king and Kvothe ended up killing him. Or that through Kvothes actions Ambrose took the throne and the spoiled noble now has literally nobody to tell him no when he wants something. That would make more sense considering the backdrop of distant war with the soldiers and farmboys who have ‘taken the kings coin’ passing through the Waystone


i think your right.. i feel ambrose will have a big part to play in the next book.. but ya never no with pat he cud surprise us all


In chapter 3 of the first book:

“I saw the place in Imre where you killed him. By the fountain. The cobblestones are all shattered.” He frowned and concentrated on the word. “Shattered. They say no one can mend them.”

I believe this means Ambrose. We also know via several foreshadowing references in the second book that Ambrose has been doing something about the “Kvothe problem” while Kvothe was with the Adem.


theres one thing i’ve been wondering since the start of the first book and all the way to the end of the second, were is skarpi???? the was a gud deal mentioned about him in the first book but what is his role in all of it??


man, I have got to do a reread of both books so I can give you a decent answer. i have no idea how Rothfuss is going to wrap all of this up in one final book.


i can tell you 1 thing the last book will be epic 🙂


Implausible thats to small a motivation to get kvothe back in the saddle, theyve been making implications through both books that the world is going to hell in a handbasket, scrael, skinwalkers, etc… Bast is probably motivated by something other than wanting to see his master on his feet again, Denna i believe is lady lackless’s runaway sister which explains partly why shes always on the move. I think that Bast is working for the Amyr(?) to get kvothe to face the chandrian


actually, Kvothe’s mother was Lady Lackless’ runaway sister. Thats why she hates all Edema Ruh, and its also why Kvothe’s mother was upset when he sang the song about Lady Lackless…


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