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The kind of good news that’s not.

Posted on: June 21, 2011

Good news everybody!

scrolling through the blog for the last few weeks, I’m not seeing much of my favorite thing: book reviews.

do I love books less? no!

do I love scifi or fantasy less? hell to the no!!

has my personal schedule gotten a little out of control lately? ummmm, yeah.

here’s the personal post I promised myself I would never put out there, but if the face of this blog is going to change, I want you to know why. because I’m a damn egotist, that’s why. And because this is my little corner of the infinite interwebs, and I can do whatever the hell I want with it.

Say it like you’re professor Farnsworth and your pants are pulled up to your armpits and you’ve already forgotten which drawer you put the doomsday device in: Good News Everybody!

bottom line, I got a promotion at my job. Yez, is soopah cool. Instead of being a one person on-site contractor running my own department (I got a TON of reading done, let me tell you!), I will now be training a full time assistant and supervising 5 other sites. Means I will be traveling. A lot. and micromanaging. a lot.  And not farting around on twitter and wordpress and blog hopping and such. Because I’ve got to, like, be a good example of professionalism or some such. The silver lining is many evenings I’ll be stuck in hotel rooms with nothing to do, but read!

Wait, that's not good news, that sucks!

and for like the fifth year in a row I won’t be home on my birthday. I’m not a big birthday person, but spending your birthday with your boss is seriously not fun.

In the pipeline is a review of Catherynne Valente’s The Orphans Tales: In the Night Garden, some manga reviews, and I’m sure some other stuff. It is all really slow going right now.

I’m geeked/flattered/thrilled that I got a promotion. Good stuff on the career path is always happy making. But I’ve been so spoiled with so much time to read and blog and tweet and follow and everything, that’s it’s going to take some adjusting.

Will there still be book reviews? hell to the yeah!
will they be as often? hell to the not bloody likely.

and because i found this on twitter, here are some pictures of owls making funny faces. I seriously LOLz so hard at this I nearly pissed my pants. Yeah, I know, they are just owls, but I iz a city girl, and they makes me laugh.

I like owls. they look silly!


12 Responses to "The kind of good news that’s not."

Super congrats on the promotion! And those owls are funny 🙂


Congrats on the promotion!
My sorely neglected blog speaks to the same sort of situation, but promotions are shiny and wonderful and I hope you enjoy it (and all those cushy hotel room nights).


Congrats on the career progress!! Don’t worry, I can wait patiently for your awesome scifi reviews.

Also, if you like owls, you should def watch The Adventures of Milo and Otis. There’s a great scene with owls in it.


Congrats!!! That’s pretty exciting, and I’ll still eagerly await your reviews!


Congratulations and Best Wishes on the new position. I will dial-up my patience and dial-down my anxiousness for your next writings accordingly.


I for one am very, very happy for you. Congratulations! Even though its gonna cut into your free time a bit it is wonderful news. I’ve enjoyed your blog posts and always enjoy your comments on my site and am glad to know that although you may not be on the ol’ interweb as much that you are not going away entirely. That would be bad news indeed.


Congratulations on your promotion. I’ve personally always wanted a job that would involve traveling so it sounds like fun to me. I hope your transition to your new position will go smoothly and I look forward to reading your reviews whenever you have the chance to write them,


Congratulations on the promotion. Owls make great funny faces, they’re just such freaky looking critters that it can’t really fail.


Congrats on the promotion! Will continue to look forward to your post – whatever they may be. 😉


awww, you guys are the Bestest ! ! ! 😀


Congrats on the promotion. Well at least you will be able to get a fair amount of reading done..sweet deal.


Congratulations on the promotion! 😀


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