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of tobacco worms and scifi fashion and new books

Posted on: June 13, 2011

Of Tobacco Worms

Spending some time at a friends house the other day, she gave me the tour of the landscaping and gardens she and her husband have been working on for the last few years.  the vegetable garden (beautiful!), the hops plants (tall!) and the moonflower plot (infected!).  Apparently, their moonflowers have been infected with tobacco worms. Moonflowers are related to Nicotiana and Tomatoes, all of which are susceptible to Tomato worms and tobacco worms.  I learned more than I ever wanted to about tobacco worms and the beautiful moths they grow up to be.

Moonflowers. greenhouses. worms. giant beautiful moths.

All I could think of was China Mieville’s Perdido Street Station.  I’ll never be able to think of tomato worms the same way again.

damn you New Weird for infecting nearly day of my life!

. . . and  scifi fashion

They always say you should try on a style, cut or color that you usually wouldn’t, because who knows, you might like it?  I must have crazy, today I tried on a pair of skinny pants. not just skinny pants (which short stocky women should never, ever, ever wear), but skinny cargoes.

I was laughing so hard at what they looked at that I think the clerks thought I was having a stroke or something. they were so ridiculous looking that I snapped a photo in the dressing room:


Almost like silly leggings, no? and tres unflattering. I believe that odd floppy thing on thigh is part of a pocket. I have to wonder if Banana Republic knows they are selling scifi fashions? totally looks like scifi spaceship wear, complete with plenty of pockets and belt rungs to put stuff on, along with seams in the oddest of places.  I may have been laughing at myself in the mirror, but at the same time I felt like I was starting to dress like on of these scifi ladies:



And new books . . .

oh, and after I was ton laughing my head off at the silly “high fashion” pants, we went to the bookstore and spend teh monies. on these goodies!  After devouring Beukes’s Zoo City, I am tres excited for her Moxyland.

But it’ll have to wait at least until I’m done with Guy Adam’s The World House, which is fun, creepy, thrilling, and feels a little like Philip Jose Farmer’s Riverworld, plus some of the cult scifi flick Cube, plus things that go bump in the night. And then they kill you. and outside the house, it’s always dark and deadly.  I started reading this a day or two ago. . . yesterday I read 200 pages. could. not. put. it. down.

9 Responses to "of tobacco worms and scifi fashion and new books"

Yes, I’m so not into the skinny jeans look, and that pocket is just odd. I was in a store yesterday and saw a girl wearing designer-crafted cut-of jean shorts that had the front pockets showing. It was an odd look. the rest of the front of the shorts were so….short…that the pockets made her look like she was wearing a skirt with the middle hiked up. Not an attractive look, unless she was going for that theater curtain opening on her nether regions look. 🙂


Can I make just one recommendation?

Sword Of Shannara will most likely turn you off Brooks. It was his first book, and is a total Tolkien Clone (Brooks fully admits this)….and if possible switch it out of the second book in the series THE ELFSTONES OF SHANNARA which most folk think is one of his best pieces.

As well, should you feel so inclined down the road, his WORD & VOID urban fantasy series starting with RUNNING WITH THE DEMON is actually IMHO his best series to date.


Ah-ha-ha!! You are so right!! Skinny cargoes totally *do* look like scifi fashion. At least now you know where to go to be a scifi lady for Halloween? 😉


Carl – Skinny Pants and weird shorts need to die. maybe that weird pocket would have looked better if I’d buttoned it closed? but the whole thing was so silly! Why put pockets on skin tight pants? what the hell are you gonna put in them? If I’d put a quarter in that pocket you’da known what year it was. and don’t even get me started on the stupidness of shorts.

Scott – I am SO happy you stopped by! Are you gonna do a post on Iceberg for DW A Good Man Goes to War? We need to discuss the insanity of that episode!! And thanks for the Brooks recommends. Can I read this series out of order? Will Elfstones not make any sense if I haven’t read Sword first? I’m not at all familiar w/his urban fantasy, but that does sound like something I’d enjoy more over the Tolkien rip off high fantasy stuff.

Wolfshowl – I didn’t think about that! maybe I should go back for those pants. They were on the clearance rack, and for that price they could totally become part of a scifi costume or even a steampunk-ish costume. Double spanx would be required as well tho. 😉


Yep, those would have been perfect if you wanted your own Captain Tight Pants outfit. 🙂


Those pockets are ginormous!! Those trousers would make Kate Moss look a bit wide. Good choice in not making that purchase, and I would have guffawed too! Not at you, just near you;)


Ohhh, and seeing Zoe just makes me sad. I adore Firefly, just adore it. Every episode was a gem, and while I was devastated to see it go, look what we get! Awesomeness…


Firefly really was Whedon’s masterpiece. . . . . and now i feel like watching my Serenity DVD this afternoon!


I know that because of this post and James Hance’s Firefrog art project I am planning a rewatch of Firefly/Serenity for this summer.


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