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And all I got was. . .

Posted on: June 5, 2011

I couldn’t make it to World Steam Expo this year, but some good friends of mine, N & R, did.

N & R got to spend some time with these lovely folks,

Oh, those folks? They’re only Phil & Kaja Foglio, the creators of some of my favorite steampunk graphic novels and this gem of a novel as well.

My friends went to World Steam Expo, and all I got was . . . .


Some autographed postcards!!!!


Behold the awesomeness!


and yes, I totally had a nerdgasm when I opened the envelope!

I gotta go buy me some of those floating picture frame thingys. . . .

4 Responses to "And all I got was. . ."

I’m so thrilled for you! I would have been pretty psyched by opening that envelope as well. I especially love the Tom Kidd cover of the novel. It is great to have friends who will let you enjoy their con experiences vicariously by getting you cool swag.


I adore Phil & Kaja! When I met them at Emerald City Comicon this year, I had to let Phil know that I’ve been following his work since Phil & Dixie appeared in the back of Dragon Magazine.

After getting his autograph, I practically begged him to make an expansion for his card game Xenophile, published several years ago. Now that is a fun game! Naughty, but fun…


Carl – and yesterday I picked up a frame at the craft store! my autograph wall has begun! I gotta find a way to repay my buddies. . . .

Hippogriff – My husband used to follow Phil & Dixie in Dragon Mag, and that’s how i got introduced to his artwork. and you’re right, his naughtier stuff is way funny! which sometimes makes Girl Genius even funnier, looking for any kind of naughty subtext. 😉


Cool! I have a scrapbook that sits in my nerd cave that has several autographs, mostly from SF tv show stars that I met at various conventions. On a few occasions I have called upon friends to do me the same kind of favor because I couldn’t attend. I have a signed picture by Anne Francis that a friend got for me and another took my hardback copy of Neverwhere, many years back and a large sized edition of the Vess illustrated Stardust and had Gaiman and Vess sign them for me. It was very cool of him to do that. I have since been able to meet Gaiman myself and get stuff signed.


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