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Cheater post.

Posted on: May 31, 2011

Thanks to a busier than expected work schedule lately,  I haven’t got much reading done.    Here’s hoping the work schedule goes back to normal one of these days.

I have no book review for you today, no author love letters, no recipes for chocolate covered snacks,  no photos of book pr0n,  nuthin’.

So I totally cheated, and pulled some goodies off my Google reader that I thought you would enjoy.


Pat of Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist is trying to decide if he should start Tweeting or not. Go tell him what you think of Twitter.

I have no idea what Mona Lisa Motion Comic is, but it looks hella cool.

Stainless Steel Droppings has a rockin’ new look, it’s teh uber-slick!

Lavie Tidhar’s new novella, Osama, is available for pre-order. I was lucky enough to get an E-ARC of this, so stay tuned for a review. Tidhar’s steampunk-ish The Bookman didn’t do much for me, but I’ve greatly enjoyed his short fiction.

My buds (Hi Scott! Hi Chris!) at Iceberk Ink have a “spoilerific” Doctor Who post. I haven’t looked at it yet, not sure I want to. But you can.

>Firefly didn’t much care for Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth, but I’ve enjoyed the miniseries on TV and playing the board game, so this is a historical fiction that I’m interested in reading. If I can survive Sarum I can survive anything, right?

Also, Mii cupcakes. That’s kinda creepy.   And odd.

Or, as I’ve been saying lately, “that’s ood”.

Now I want an ood cupcake. wonder if it tastes like singing?


5 Responses to "Cheater post."

Thanks for the kind mention!

Just spent some time with the Ood over the weekend as we began catching up with Dr. Who by watching season two.


I love the Ood. Which eps did you see? I’m trying to remember the first couple Ood eps I saw, isn’t there one where they are on like a moon-ish mining base in a gravity well, and there are some Ood servants, i think it was a two parter? . . or am I mixing my metaphors?


Just the first two-part episode where they meed the Ood on the planet where the devil is chained up. It was a fun episode.


I’m so tempted to look at the spoilerific Doctor Who post, but I’m resiting it as much as I can. Thanks for the links; I hope your work schedule settles down soon 🙂


you and me both!

teh work schedule will either slow down to nice and normal, or get even more crazy. I’d sure love to know which way it’s gonna go.


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