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Alien frontiers!

Posted on: May 22, 2011

Last night was an evening of the most wonderful trifecta currently known to mankind: dinner with friends, booze, and gaming.

we played a newish game called Alien frontiers.  The game was easy enough to learn, and in my case, easy enough to win.  It didn’t require insane amounts of strategy or card playing, it was mostly a dice rolling, steal from your neighbor, resource spending kind of thing. Actually, a really good gateway game for non-gamers.

don’t let the complicated looking board fool you, it’s a very simple game:

You gain points by landing colonies on the planet in the center of the board. Whoever controls the colony gets the bonus, and the card for the colony. Now, take a close look at the names of these colonies:

Anything look familiar?  I gotta tell you,  it made the game for me!!  We went around the table saying how many “colonies” we’d read. I think I was the only Lem reader at dinner.

4 Responses to "Alien frontiers!"

That looks great! I enjoy playing games, but have never actually played any of these kind of fantasy or science fiction board/dice/card games. For some reason they have always seemed intimidating to me, although they always look and sound interesting. I like the idea that this could be a gateway game. I’ll have to see if my local comic shop has it.

And the colony names are fantastic.


I know! I cracked up laughing when he was setting up the map and put the tokens down!

when I started gaming, everything looked intimidating. but most of these games? the instruction book is mostly pictures, and you can learn everything you need to know in 90 seconds. See if your local gaming shop has any Open Gaming nights where seasoned gamers teach games, or if they have fliers for any local groups. That’s how we got hooked up in our local group.

“Small World” is another great fantasy gateway game, as is “Ticket to Ride”, but that one isn’t SF or F.


That looks awesome. I’ve been looking for a new game for when friends come over for a while. This may be it 😀


Nice! I checked out Ender’s review at BGG; this looks like a good one. It’s going on my wishlist.


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