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Posted on: May 19, 2011

Doctor Who: The Forgotten (graphic novel),  by Tony Lee with artwork by Pia Guierra

published in Nov 2010, from IDW

where I got it: purchased new

why I read it:  simply couldn’t resist.





I either need to stop going to the comic shop, or just start signing my paychecks over to them.  And come on, could you say no to this? Do you really I could say no to this? didn’t think so!

Finding themselves in a strange museum and with no sign of the TARDIS, a fascinated Martha Jones wants to go exploring, but The Doctor finds he’s lost his memory. He knows who he is, knows what he is, but he can’t seem to remember anything before his current regeneration.  Even stranger, they find this is a museum dedicated to The Doctor himself! Along with the artifacts, keys, seals and stones is a room with images of all of the Doctor’s previous incarnations, and special items they carried – an umbrella, psychic paper, a cat brooch, sound familiar? Martha suggests he take a good look at the objects, perhaps it will help bring back his memories.

As Martha pushes The Doctor to remember everything he can as fast as possible, it quickly becomes apparent something much more sinister is going on.  The museum is crawling with Autons, spiders, Clockwork Men and video cameras. Someone is watching, and waiting.

The flesh remembers what the body sometimes chooses not to, and as The Doctor holds each object, such as a bag of jelly babies, a walking stick, a cricket ball, and others in turn, his memories come flooding back.  And THIS is where The Forgotten  went from “hey, this is neat”, to “this is totally awesome!”:  we get a handful of pages of every incarnation, with their companions, in a snippet of an adventure they would have had, saying and doing things they would have said and done. in a word: brilliant.  Long-time fans will get a kick out of visiting their old friends and famous story-arcs, and people like me who are rather new to the series will be even more tempted to Netflix old episodes.

and omgosh,  the end?  no spoilers, but it was hilarious! and oddly timely! If you are a Doctor Who fan, I highly recommend The Forgotten.  Originally published as 6 smaller comics books, the full volume should be available at your local comic shop.

You’ve probably heard me bitch and complain about how comic books rarely translate well into tv shows or movies. What works in one media rarely works as well in another.  Would the story told  in The Forgotten have made compelling television?  Not in a million years.  The story-line itself was needfully repetitive and a little (ok, completely) silly and predictable at the end. But the execution? The version-specific dialog and puns?  The twist at the end? Timey wimey heaven.

It’s sounds contrived, the plot was a little silly, but I gotta tell ya, as a graphic novel everything about The Forgotten just worked. Graphic novels are not cheap, and more often than not I’ve reached the end of a sub-par hastily put together volume to crankily exclaim “well that was a waste of $20”.  NOT THIS TIME.   Worth every damn penny.   The Forgotten is one of the best graphic novel purchases I’ve made in a long time.

best line ever:
“I love my 5th incarnation though. Made me the man I am now”.

6 Responses to "Timey wimey comic book heaven."

You’re a total DW nerd now….just like me!

I have this comic (in fact I have all the Tennant ones) and it’s great! IDW did a nice job.


i know! my transformation to the dark side is complete! I did see a 2nd Tennant DW graphic novel at the comic shop, didn’t check if it was IDW tho. Which others do you recommend?


Excellent review. I always ignored the Doctor Who books and comics. I remember reading your review of one of the books and thinking that they wouldn’t be my thing. Comics on the other hand are a great medium for the Doctor!


yes, the DW book I read left much to be desired, but I think it’s problems were much much deeper than that it was a tie-in. I’m actually interested in chasing down some of the classic DW books. And yes, Comics are a great medium for these scifi/fantasy adventures!


We just got back from the Uk and a fair portion of our luggage allowance was taken up with Doctor Who books. Didn’t spot this one though, so I’ll be keeping my eyes open.


oohh, which ones did you get??


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