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Neil Gaiman’s Doctor Who episode

Posted on: May 15, 2011

doctors wife

I’m pressed for time today, but here are a few quick thoughts on last night’s Doctor Who episode, “The Doctor’s Wife”, written by the wonderful Neil Gaiman:

  •  Idris, I think her name was?  LOVED  everything about her! her verbal mannerisms, a little mad, a little doctor-y, and right when she first meets The Doctor, she’s talking all funny and fast, sounding a little like when the Doctor regenerates and has to get used to his new body.  Even her name sounds a little like the name of the big blue box.  You think you stole a doctor and ran away? adorable! brilliant!
  • Anyone else think she looked just like Helena Bonham Carter? And damn am I thankful that she wasn’t dressed in Tardis Blue.
  • Do you think River would be jealous of Idris or do you think they would get along?  They both know the Doctor’s real name (or at least I assume Idris does), yet The Doctor calls Idris sexy, and just calls River sweetheart.  Speaking of River, what was it that Idris said? The only water in the forest is in the river? or something like that? And then the poor woman was just so thirsty at the end, desperate for water. interesting. . .
  • The voice of The House (brillaint freaky scary character, btw), is it just me, or did he sound just like the Cat from Coraline?
  • Idris and the Doctor flying through space and time in a half-assed, barely put together, nearly walless,  partially floorless, roofless and doorless TARDIS?  the freakingest awesomest thing EVAR! (at least this season).
  • End of the episode was a bit of a dues ex machine cop-out.  Neil Gaiman I love you to pieces, but sometimes your endings are less than awesome.

And lastly,  number 10, I miss you so much.  number 11, you’ve got the wacky, you’ve got the adventurous, you’ve got the “I’m the madman with the box” down.  But you’re missing what made this show for me: the tragedy. the dark. the rage.  Number 10, you knew the universe burned so bright as to be blinding, and yet you never stopped staring at it with eyes wide open.  And you knew that brilliance was only possible because between the stars lied the darkness, where your regrets and your sorrow and your family called to you from the depths of your memories, of who you are, and what you chose to do.  That darkness and regret and tragedy and rage that you carry with you Number 10, that is what drew me into this show. And I miss you. I miss you like the bluest daytime sky misses the star light, like the desert cries for the rain,  like the dark side of a lonesome planet misses the warmth of the sun.   Matt Smith, I find you a fine actor, but sir, you are not my Doctor.

10 Responses to "Neil Gaiman’s Doctor Who episode"

Very cool thoughts. Well done. Brilliant observations.


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I thought Idris looked bit like Helena too.. 🙂
And yeah, I miss David. He was brilliant doctor. Matt is nice, but just not the one


Number 10 is definitely my favourite too, though I did start watching it while Number 9 was the Doctor. Number 11 is good though and I am enjoying this season so far.


I can see the Helena Bonham Carter comparison. I also thought of Miranda Richardson as Queen Elizabeth I in Black Adder II!


Ahhggg… I am stalling out towards the end of watching season 4, taking advantage of the fact that for total continuity I need to watch all of Torchwood S2 before I finish DW S4…because I can’t stand the thought of losing number 10. Your bit of a love letter makes me even more reluctant. I want to like number 11, but at the moment I’m not convinced he will cut it (although Rose, astonishingly, felt the same about number 10 for a little while!)


Yup, definitely saw Helena Bonham Carter in Idris.

“Number 10, you knew the universe burned so bright as to be blinding, and yet you never stopped staring at it with eyes wide open. And you knew that brilliance was only possible because between the stars lied the darkness… ”

Matt Smith’s doctor is certainly not as dark as Tennant’s it’s almost a relief at times, but some darkness goes a long way. I think with Matt Smith’s Doctor it’s a little further under the surface, we see it on his face sometimes. But Ten had such attractive passionate darkness, magnetic. ….time to go re-watch some of his magic.


I have been soooooooo far behind on Dr. Who. I stalled out midway through the second season (of this new run) and hadn’t gotten back to it. Not because it isn’t great, but because that is the kind of on again/off again relationship I’ve always had with television. Listening to a good friend go on and on ecstatically about this episode (because he and I are both big Gaiman fans), I decided it was time to get back to it. My wife and I watched a bunch of episodes this weekend. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the show.


I hear ya on the odd tv relationship. I just don’t grok the idea that I’m supposed to sit down in front of the boob tube on a certain day at a certain time to watch something, my brain doesn’t seem to be wired for time.

I’m so happy you’re having a good time getting back into it!

this is the first season of Doctor Who I’ve watched “live”, all the previous seasons I saw were Netflix’d.


I’m so glad for Netflix. We are watching it streaming through the XBox 360. I love that kind of control, especially for that price point. We got rid of dish awhile back and just have free tv. I don’t miss the expense nor do I waste as much time in front of tv as I used to.

There are still some shows that I watch faithfully every week, though I guess right now Castle is the only one and during the regular season there are big gaps because of the dumb ABC reality shows so I don’t feel as much a slave to every week viewing.


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