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Posted on: May 12, 2011

Because I love you, here’s what you can look forward to on LRR in the next little while:

Review of The Sinful Stars*, an anthology based on the Fading Suns role playing game. Edited by Bill Bridges, one of the creators of the Fading Suns universe, of stories I’ve read so far, I’d say about half of them are very good to excellent. If all goes well, the review will post on Saturday. Also, thanks to Sinful Stars, I’ve discovered my new favorite bookish work: bibliothecary.

Any PRG’ers among my readers? Have you read or written fiction based on your table top game of choice? This shared universe thing is pretty cool as well, it’s got me interested in maybe giving the Martin edited Wild Cards a shot.

Someone really needs to take away my library card**

My library stack has the following goodies, please link in the comments if you’ve read or reviewed any of these:

Infoquake by David Louis Edelman

The Best of Lucius Shepard, by Lucius Shepard

Viriconium, by M. John Harrison – I actually read this way back when, I’m excited to read it again. I really just need to buy this one of these days.

Not to mention the ARC stack, which includes these beauties to be read “very soon”. Again, please comment or link in the comments if you’ve read or reviewed any of these:

The Alchemist in the Shadows, by Pierre Pevel, the 2nd book in his alt- history three musketeers-esque series.

The Falling Machine by Andrew Mayer, the first in a series.  I think I’m gonna like this guy, as the word cloud on his site features “science fiction”, “doctor who”, and “firefly” pretty prominently.

And who knows what else I’ll get distracted by? After reading Midnight at the Well of Souls, I’ve got a major hankering to read Sheri S Tepper’s Sideshow.

*A title you really, really don’t want to Google.

**Go ahead. Make my day. I’ve got three more.

1 Response to "Bibliothecary!"

Of these, I read Infoquake (my review) and found it full of interesting ideas, but the execution was lacking.


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