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Scifi story fodder ripped from real headlines

Posted on: April 13, 2011

A Chicago public school has banned lunches brought from home (exceptions made for students with allergies).   I’m really, really hoping this is a hoax, but it’s looking pretty legit.

Read all about it in the Chicago Tribune.  It’s been getting tons of well deserved negative press, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the school changes their tune.  I can understand that the school wants their students to eat healthy lunches,  but have you actually seen school cafeteria food lately?  YUCK.

(by the way, that photo is from Fed Up With School Lunch, a blog by a public school teacher who does NOT teach at the school in question.  )

My personal political feelings on the issues don’t matter (well, they do, I’m on the internet, and my opinion is important, damn it!), and this post ISN’T ABOUT MY OPINION on this particular issue.  What does matter, is that this sounds like perfect science fiction story fodder. And that’s what this post is about. 

(For all I know, this public school is only serving organic vegetables, and free range meat and eggs, through some kind of community supported agriculture program. But somehow, I doubt it.)

and by the way, if you are a new visitor to this blog, I am a scifi/fantasy fan with an over-active imagination.  I’m not a tin-foil hat conspiracy theory person.  This post is all about scifi story fun.

imagine it, if you will:

Parents who love their children send them to the right schools, get the right education, meet the right people, get into the right universities.  At the best of the right schools, the school even provides breakfast and lunch for your child!  no need to prepare a hot breakfast at home or worry about packing a sandwich that will just get soggy, or send milk that will get warm or worry your child will forget to bring their lunchbox home.  It’s all taken care of at the school!  In fact, at the most prestigious schools, foods brought from home are forbidden.  With so many allergies the school can’t take the chance that little Jane will inadvertently breathe her peanut butter sandwich breath on Mary who is so horribly allergic and would have to go right to the ER.  Why take the chance when the school can so easily provide hypoallergenic healthy meals that meet each and every child’s nutritional needs?

but what’s in the food?  too much trans fat? not enough fiber?  more sugar or salt than your low blood sugar or high blood pressure child should have? (and here’s where we get all science fiction-y) ritalin? hormones? something addictive that makes your child really really excited to go to school every morning?

brings whole new meaning to “don’t drink the kool-aid”, doesn’t it?

mmm…. Soylent Green for lunch today!  My Favorite!


6 Responses to "Scifi story fodder ripped from real headlines"

You’re right, it does make for perfect sci fi fodder! And somewhat reminds me of LeGuin’s ‘The Ones Who Walk Away from Omertas” — remember that one? Where everything is perfect, because they keep one child in a dungeon?


I’m not familiar w/that LeGuin title, but imma gonna look for it!


I think it’s more about helping the school lunch provider make a bigger profit. The lunches are contracted out to a third party. Everything in Chicago is political and I would have no trouble believing that someone paid someone to create more revenue for someone else. But I do like the idea of it as scifi… just add it to all those creepy cameras and metal detectors they have and we are almost there. Welcome to the future.


It being a huge profit for the lunch provider was mentioned in a number of the articles I read. I bet that company is thinking “damn, why didn’t we think of this before???” I love visiting Chicago, but I don’t think I want to live there!

metal detectors everywhere, CCTV everywhere, it’s really brings out the “go live up north off the grid” in me. yikes, but then I wouldn’t have the internet!!!


Y’know, it’s usually members of the tinfoil hat club that deny it the most. 😉


lol! or just plain crazies like me. 🙂


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