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It’s Monday, what are you reading?

Posted on: April 11, 2011

or as I like to call it “I didn’t finish anything yesterday, so I don’t have a review for today”.

You’re looking at Contra Alliance, by Tom Kolega, which I’m about halfway through, and Yarn, by Jon Armstrong, which I’m about 70 pages into.

I’ve been reading a boatload of Fantasy lately, so it’s nice to have two pure SF books going at once.

Contra Alliance has a fun comic booky cover, and was a good opportunity to try something that’s a little out of my comfort zone – YA military SF.  It’s easy reading, but a little too YA for my tastes, so of course, I had to balance it out with Yarn, which is shockingly NC-17 at times.  perfect balance, if you ask me.

so, what are YOU reading?


9 Responses to "It’s Monday, what are you reading?"

I am three quarters of the way through Sloane Crosley’s newest essay collection, Where Did You Get This Number? It has been every bit as enjoyable as her first one. I’m thinking of moving on to Dark Jenny by Alex Bledsoe next, but I’m not sure. I haven’t been in a fantasy or sci fi mood this past week. May need to work through a few more essay or short story collections before getting back to that.


I’m not familiar with Sloane Crosley, what kind of essays are they?

I’ve been seeing a lot of reviews floating around for the Alex Blesdoe, Dark Jenny has been looking good to me too! If I see it at the library, I’ll probably grab it.


She is a New York author who writes sometimes snarky, generally humorous essays about her own life experiences. She is good. Her first collection, I Was Told There Would Be Cake, was fun. Here’s my review:

If you read the Bledsoe I hope you start with the first book, The Sword-Edged Blonde. While each of these three books has a self contained mystery, the various characters in each story grow and change in relation to one another and I think you would enjoy it more if you started at the beginning.


Having a hard time getting into Jennifer Egan’s “A Visit From the Good Squad” — maybe it will pick up. And really enjoying the audiobook of Connie Willis’ “Bellwether”.


yesterday I started “Galileo’s Dream” by Kim Stanley Robinson. Only read about 20 pages but a good start


I did finally finish something this weekend, so I’m at the beginning of two novels: Octavia E. Butler’s Mind of My Mind and Zafon’s Midnight Palace.


Carl, I just read your review of I was Told There Would be Cake, that looks hilarious, and something I would totally appreciate! Will have to find a copy. . . .

The Bledsoe, thanks for the title of the first one, i’ll see if the library has it. Oy, just what I need, another epic series, right? 😉


It was a good one, and I just finished How Did You Get This Number (I had the title wrong in my first comment) last night and it was very good as well. I’ve been on an essay book kick lately so I may end up doing a 4-book review here in the next day or so.

The Eddie LaCrosse books are a series, but I wouldn’t worry about them being epic. They are thankfully not giant doorstop books. They are 300-350 page books and are very quick, fun reads.


I haven’t finished anything this week, but I’m about chin-deep into China Mieville’s Gaiman-meets-Kafka urban fantasy Kraken, with the aim to review it this week. I finished the seventh (my fourth) of John Norman’s Gor books and reviewed it alongside The Vagina Monologues on my own site (


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