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while I’m stuck at work . . .

Posted on: March 11, 2011

seriously, who scheduled me to work on a Friday!?  Raise your hand, I want to glare at you!

however, for those of you who are not raising your hand, here are some goodies for you.

Filed under Totally Awesome, we’ve got

Doctor Who premiers on BBC America on April 23rd at, umm, check your local listings. Or you can attempt to navigate the annoyingly flash heavy and painfully photoshopped BBC America website. That site’s got a lot of weird mumbly jumbly time travelly floaty stuff going on. (now read that paragraph out loud in your best Amy Pond voice, you know you want to)

Patrick Rothfuss’s Wise Man’s Fear is not only a New York Times bestseller, but a number-fracking one NYT bestseller!! how awesome is that? I expect you all to repost this, because I’m sure the Roth himself is too humble to.

Neil Gaiman and Guillermo Del Toro have gotten involved in a bucket of awesome for a film adaptation of the Chinese folk tale “Journey to the West”, as screenplay adapter and director, respectively. This after Del Toro’s Lovecraftian project The Mountains of Madness got derailed when he told the production company the movie needed an R rating, and the production company said “ehh, no thanks”.

It’s read an e-book week, which I’ve never heard of until now, and serendipitously, I’ve received my very first e-arc. interesting. . .


And Filed under Stay Tuned, we’ve got:
– a give away of one of the books pictured below
– a review of one or even both of the books pictured below
– my very first e-book! but wait, I don’t have an e-reader! how did I read such a thing you ask? stay tuned!

6 Responses to "while I’m stuck at work . . ."

I’m frustrated by the Gaiman and del Toro news as I feel, regardless of how cool this *might* turn out to be, that this is a waste of their talents. Gaiman is a master storyteller. He should be writing more books. I look at all the movies he has dabbled in and only one, the Coraline adaptation, is worthwhile and that has little to do with him as the greater part of his work on that was writing the story in the first place.

And ever since del Toro bowed out of The Hobbit he seems to be floundering around talking about very uninspired films. I wish he would concentrate on doing his own stuff. His very best films are films of his own making. It feels like he is chasing the money with all the movies he’s been rumored to be a part of since leaving PJ and company.


although I’m in agreement that Gaiman should be spending his time writing, and Del Toro needs to focus his own stuff, I’m more optimistic about it. I really dig the idea of those two creative geniuses working together. i’ve got to wonder if he’s “chasing the money” so he can pay for his own stuff later.


I know that it has the potential to be very cool, but since so many screenplays don’t ever get made, including ones Gaiman has worked on in the past, I hate the gamble that they are taking when both could be working on something of their own. I would be more excited if they were collaborating on something they are creating themselves rather than adapting something someone has already done.


and speaking of Neil Gaiman, have you heard about this on again-off again Sandman TV show project?


A Sandman movie and/or tv show has definitely been off again, on again since probably back when I first read Sandman as the series was coming to a close. I don’t get my hopes up for that one. It would work much better as a short tv series than it would as a film. I cannot imagine them doing it any justice with a two or three hour movie.


Carl – when I first read a little unsubstantiated “Sandman TV show!” I envisioned it as little animated shorts, maybe 20 minutes. something that might run on Adult Swim. i really don’t think it would work at all as a 2 hour movie or as a live action anything.


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