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Hello, Captain Tightpants

Posted on: February 18, 2011

Everything I need to know about life I learned from Joss Whedon’s show Firefly.  I’ll admit, I was late to the party, seeing it on DVD after the fact, and that it was my husband who originally said “honey, you have GOT to see this!!!”.  But really, Firefly is one of the best shows ever to grace the small screen, it’s a western scifi dramedy romance action, and when it ran, Fox had no idea what to do with it so they ran the episodes out of order and then canceled it.

Starring Nathan Fillion (@nathanfillion), Morena Baccarin, Alan Tudyk, Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin, Ron Glass, Gina Torres, Jewel Staite (@jewelstaite), and Sean Maher, have any 14 episodes ever had a greater cult following?

Science Channel has picked up the rights and will be showing Firefly in it’s entirety (hopefully in the right order) along with some little extras after each episode. Honestly, the extras sound a little cheesy and unnecessary, but I ain’t complainin’.  So mark your calendars for March 6th at 8pm to see the full 2 hour pilot and weekly episodes in the correct order of some of the best science fiction ever filmed.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you’re in luck because you know what they say about your first time.

9 Responses to "Hello, Captain Tightpants"

I’m watching Firefly as I type this! I’ve only just started watching it on DVD (I’m on episode 3) and I’m sorry I waited to long before watching it. It’s so good!


I completely agree! The series is worth owning. I just wish it had stayed around longer.


I’m a late-comer to the party too; I watched Firefly for the first time last year and fell in love immediately. Brilliant show that deserved so much more than what it got. Glad it’s back on tv!


I’m upset that I’m the last one to find out about this story (thanks for droppin by Go Cyborg btw). I have the season as well as Serenity and I’ve only watched the first 3 episodes. It’s grat but I just have to find the damn time to see it!!!


hey no prob! I love finding new folks to follow through tag surfer. 🙂

quit messing around on the interwebs and go watch the rest of Firefly! 😉


I too did not watch Firefly until it was out on DVD and Serenity was nearly ready to be released in the theater. It was great to watch the whole series though and only have to wait a short time before seeing the film. I’ve turned many a friend on to this show and it is a shame we all weren’t there to help boost the ratings to keep it on the air, but when networks like Fox screw up the show’s order and don’t actually give it a chance, how can you blame folks for tuning out rather than tuning in? The catch-22 is that I find myself not wanting to get hooked on shows that will just end up being canceled without a chance for resolution. Networks are waaay to quick to pull the plug on shows.

But getting away from that, Firefly is indeed one of the most wonderful shows ever made, and Out of Gas is by far one of the best single episodes of television ever.

Do you watch Castle? Love Fillion in that show and especially enjoy how the writers work Firefly references into the show. Very clever.


I’m also a “late to the party” browncoat. I picked up the series on DVD figuring “what the hell”.

I took it home on a friday night, ordered some pizza and figured “meh, I’ll watch the pilot, see if it’s any good”

When I looked away from the TV next I was VERY surprised to see it was late on Saturday evening and I was feeling very jazzed and VERY tired!

When I first met my wife, I mentionned that she HAD to watch the show with me! Sure enough, I put the pilot in and she would not let me stop til we got to the last episode!

I’ll echo the poster above…Castle is pretty awesome.


I started watching Castle when it first started – LOVED the characters, but i never really got into police procedurals. I still catch the occassional episode, but I’m not a big TV person.

Frank – so long as you join the party, Late is fine! I was late too! 🙂


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