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Posted on: February 1, 2011

I finished Gene Wolfe’s Home Fires last light, and I am still trying to figure out what the hell I just read.   It was sort of a noir-ish Agatha Christie-ish mystery, where no one has the inclination to trust anyone for anything. Mostly.

My body woke me up about an hour before my alarm went off this morning, and I happily lay in bed going over the beginning of Home Fires again and again, trying to figure out which important bits I glossed right over. The plan is to re-read the first 100 pages or so today, with hopes of a few “a-ha!” moments.

So, no review today,  I haven’t even started writing it yet.

I found some fun internetty stuff for you instead.

Check out this brilliant Art of the Game comic at Patrick Rothfuss’s Blog. Then bookmark his site and add his blog to your reader(s).

And speaking of Patrick Rothfuss, if you have no idea who he is, but his blog got your attention, join The Name of the Wind reading group over on Fantasy Faction.

The absolute awesomeness that is Guillermo del Toro. This guy scares the crap out of me, and I love him for it.

Zombies vs Supermodels. Warning:  image may be NSFW.

China Mieville has a webcomic?? the newest images are at the top, so remember to scroll down.

LEC reviews Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch . I SO want to read this book, and is that not some snazzy cover art?


8 Responses to "link medley"

Yeah, I am dying to read Rivers Of London (or Midnight Riot as it’s being called here in North America) too, as this guy used to write for Doctor Who and I keep hearing great things about it.


“I finished Gene Wolfe’s Home Fires last light, and I am still trying to figure out what the hell I just read”

Sounds like Gene Wolfe! Have you read The Knight and The Wizard? Love those books. Wolfe writes like no other.

Del Toro is amazing. I really enjoyed his take on Hellboy, and would ultimately like to see him do a third movie to complete a trilogy arc, but more than anything I’d like to see him getting back to doing his own stuff, like Devil’s Backbone and Pan’s Labyrinth. I was disappointed to hear after he left The Hobbit that he was planning on making a new Haunted Castle film based on the Disney ride. Regardless of whether it is good or not it seems like a waste of his talent and imagination.

I’ve thought the same thing about the cover for Rivers of London. Very creative.


Scott – the guy used to write for Doctor Who? well shit, now it is a moral imperative that I read it!!

Carl – I haven’t read Knight and The Wizard yet, so far my only Wolfe’s are Home Fires, Sorcerer’s House, and Sword & Claw. He writes like no one else, and it’s not that he breaks the “rules of writing”, it’s that they just don’t apply to him.

I usually hate comic book/superhero movies, but I’ve watched del Toro’s Hellboy movies like 20 times.


Not sure if you’ve ever read Mignola’s Hellboy stuff, but it is fantastic. Although it loosely falls into a superhero mold, I don’t generally classify them in the same way. Which is another way of saying I go back and forth with superhero films but the Hellboy ones are a class above, or better yet a class apart.

And you are so right, those rules don’t apply. If you enjoy fantasy literature where the author applies his own rules you cannot go wrong with those two books.


Red: Yup, not only that he wrote some episodes that are considered flat out classics. I mean he wrote Remembrance of the Daleks! LOL

Yeah, I think it is fair to say I am excited!


Hey, thanks for the link! You have every right to be excited for Rivers of London. It really is a special, fun-filled book.


Rivers of London = want so bad I can taste the fish ‘n chips.

Mignola Hellboy = tempted.

Review of Home Fires = almost done.


Hellboy is worth getting into, just make sure you search the order of the graphic novels and read them in said order. They don’t perfectly build on one another chronologically, but they sorta do.

I just want fish n’ chips so bad I can taste fish n’ chips.

And I’ll be skipping that review until AFTER I get a chance to read the darn thing. But I’ll gladly read it once I’m done. 🙂


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