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Progress Schmogress.

Posted on: January 7, 2011

Look at some new goodies I have!

From the publisher (Thanks Pyr!!!) we’ve got The Wolf Age and Blood of Ambrose by James Enge.  I’m super excited about these, I think Enge is right up my alley. BTW, check out the Enge novelletta, Traveller’s Rest on the PYR blog. you can download it all e-book like, or if you are super-old-skool like me, you can print it out and read it, killing a tree and promoting use of toxic printer ink.

Borrowed from a friend:

The first three (is there more than three??) Percy Jackson and the Olympians books by Rick Riordan.  See that bookmark in the first one?  I started reading it yesterday, and I gots one question:  why isn’t all YA stuff this good? 

Also, I’ve got Joe Hill’s Horns on hold at the library, to be picked up tomorrow, hopefully along with some classic Robert Silverberg.

Progress made towards my New Years Resolution to read what I’ve got instead of aquiring new stuff? ZERO.

9 Responses to "Progress Schmogress."

I’ve also got Joe Hill’s Horns waiting to be read…..

Also, I’m excited you’re reading more Robert Silverberg! I should do that too. 🙂


I’m having the urge for some Valentine.


Having the same problem. I picked up Rachel Aaron’s debut: The Spirit Thief, just after Christmas. Loved it, so went and bought the other two and have made no inroads into the TBR pile.


That’s a damn good haul 🙂 I’m interested in reading Horns too, there’s been some good buzz about it recently.


Elfy – that’s another author I need to keep my eye out for at the library. me thinks this “read what i’ve got” new years resolution is going to work out just as well as that “do yoga every day” resolution of a few years ago.

Jamie – Of everything i mentioned, only the Enge books are mine to keep, everything else is just on loan! I’d read Locke & Key, the graphic novel Joe Hill wrote, and it was just OK. but Horns just sounds so. . . cool.


Yay, goodies! I picked up a YA book this week, Paolo Bacigalupi’s latest, Ship Breaker. So far? Very good.


I’ll be interested to read your review of Ship Breaker! I couldn’t get into Windup Girl, but maybe Bacigalupi’s YA will do the trick.


I’ve read the first four of Percy Jackson–lots of fun. I went through a mythology obsession when I was about twelve, which probably helps me enjoy them now. But they really are fun adventures. And for some reason I get such a kick out of Grover the environmentalist satyr…

I reviewed the first one recently, if you’re interested. 🙂


I have yet to pick up Windup Girl mostly because the premise didn’t interest me. I have read some of his short fiction and it was really, really good.


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