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Sort of a Love letter.

Posted on: January 4, 2011


This is sort of a love letter, and if you haven’t read Scott Lynch, you should. 

I suppose things like this should be sent privately, but if humans were capable of keeping private things private, the internet would have gone out of business years ago. 

Scott Lynch, how do I love your books? Let me count the ways. 

You are the master of misdirection. I have never so enjoyed being a mark. 

You brilliantly bring colorfully filthy language to an artform. Invective, sarcasm, dry wit, I can think of no one who does it better. 

Your characters might be smart, but the women they face are smarter. Speaking man to man, Locke can charm a fellow into or out of  just about anything. But women? If they don’t see through him a mile away they are at least instantly suspicious. I find that rather flattering. 

there’s more:

Your fiction is theraputic. When I’m down, reading The Lies of Locke Lamora makes me feel better. It makes me laugh, it makes me snort, it makes me feel smart and scared and brave and confident that I can pull it off too. Although by “it”, I usually mean a complicated recipe, calculus, or a killer job interview. 

Reading your books always puts me in an infectiously good mood. Even more swear word laden than usual, but very good and very infectious. 

I’m not big on anthologies, but when I saw your name on the cover of the Swords and Dark Magic I bought it without question and read In The Stacks that night. I’ve since read that story three times. 

Everything I need to know about life I learned from reading Scott Lynch: Street smart and book smart are equally important. Don’t fuck with magicians. Your friends will do everything to keep you safe and alive, see that you do the same for them. Filthy language is fun, but knowing how to properly use it is truly shiny. 

I’m reading Red Seas Under Red Skies right now, and I simply can’t wait until I finish it and write the review to share this magnificent line of dialog with you: 

“How the screaming f***ing hell do you expect the two of us to raise a bloody pirate armada in a place we’ve never been and convince it to merrily die at the hands of the navy that bent it over the table and f***ed it in the ass the last time?”

 Granted that is probably the filthiest line in the book, but how can you not at least chuckle at something like that? 

How much do I love Scott Lynch? 

If Scott Lynch and David Tennant were signing autographs at the same convention, they better be at the same table because I wouldn’t be able to choose which line to stand in first.

I talk about Scott Lynch so much that my husband has ceased being jealous. But I get the impression he’d like me to shut up one of these days about my crush on David Tennant, who I have just learned is officially off the market.


8 Responses to "Sort of a Love letter."

Yes. This. This x947.

THE LIES OF LOCKE LAMORA is one of the seven books I’ve loved straight from the first word to the last. The language! The tricky dealings! The funny bits! The characters! The way everything comes together so very, very gorgeously!

The THE REPUBLIC OF THIEVES has been my most anticipated book of the year for… five years running? (I think that’s right). I hope we see it in 2011, not just because I need it like a junkie needs crack but because I’ve been waiting to reread the first two. I keep putting it off since I don’t like to reread things more than once a year. I want to gulp them all down back-to-back.


I’m with both of you. Lies is one of the best books I have ever read. Right from the very first page…no the very first line, that book had me hooked. I read it and then immediately reread it again and I have NEVER done that before or since. I’ve read both Lies and Red Seas about 4 or 5 times and I’ve also read the prologue and the 1st chapter of Republic too many times to list. I really hope we can see Republic in it’s entirety this year.


I’ve not read a damn thing by Scott Lynch, but by the sounds of it I should have by now already. Where’d you recommend I start?


I don’t think I commented on your last post but lately whatever you write about, I want to read it. 🙂
Scott Lynch is officially on my list for my next bookstore outing. 🙂


Memory & Elfy – Amazon says February, and Orion/Gollancz also says February, but Locus Magazine says June? Either way, I too am hoping for a 2011 release. And I am a junkie and I do need my crack.

Jamie – Start with The Lies of Locke Lamora, which is the first in Lynch’s Gentleman Bastard series. It’s been out maybe 5 years, so copies are floating around. If you like it, hit up Red Seas Under Red Skies, the 2nd book in the series. Not sure about yet another unfinished series? Libraries should have Swords & Dark Magic by now, and you can get a taste of Lynch’s writing style in his stand alone short story, In the Stacks.

Ines- aww, thanks!


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