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Posted on: December 14, 2010

I don’t have a review to post today. Yesterday the sun rose and set while I was at work, and it was fracking depressing. So, while I am bitching and whining about short winter days, here is some fun random stuff for you to enjoy.

I received a review copy of Mike Resnick’s The Buntline Special from Pyr, and it looks totally uber-fun! Thanks Pyr!!

Go check out this trailer for the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean. They are making another one? seriously? That was my first thought too!! then I realized that not only is this new flick free of Keira Knightly-ness, but it is based on the Tim Powers  novel On Stranger Tides. And the trailer? looks pretty spiffy. I shall continue telling myself the third movie in the franchise never existed.

By the power of bloggers (I so wanted to say By the Power of Greyskull!!), TOR is taking over Facebook and the twittersphere. Fantasy is run by Aiden Moher of A Dribble of Ink, and Science Fiction is run by Mark Chitty of Walker of Worlds. You will need to be a FB’er or a tweeter to do this particular happy dance.

Kamvision interviews Lauren Beukes, one of my new favorite authors. Her Zoo City is a top contender for my top 10 reads of 2010. This book needs to be on your January shopping list.

there may be more random stuff tomorrow.


4 Responses to "Random stuff for you"

The new Pirates trailer just made my evening. Thank you! 🙂


So this doesn’t have much to do with this post, but I was reading your “About Me” and almost laughed out loud – Jack and I have the same discussions about getting rid of books versus getting new bookcases! Every couple of months, he starts eyeing the stacks of books around the apartments, and when he finally caves and lets me bring a new shelf home, it’s like Christmas.


Melody, come on down! You’re the next contestant on the “how many books can we cram in this apartment” game! 🙂

I now have stacks of books on two of two bookshelves, and stacks of books on the coffee table. it’s getting bad again.


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