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Nana, vol 3 & 4, by Ai Yazawa

Posted on: November 18, 2010

if I haven’t mentioned it before, this is quickly becoming my favorite manga series. Yazawa puts in all the funny and emotional details of the characters lives. She must remember what it’s like to be twenty, to have selfish moments, to wish you were someone else, to get a reality check, to have your heart broken. And the fashion pr0n, don’t even get me started on the punk fashion pr0n! 

Nana K’s life couldn’t be better. She’s found a great job in a hip furniture store, she’s just gotten a live performance from her punk rocker roomate Nana O, and her boyfriend Shoji is holding down a resturant job while attending art school full time. And you know what they say about things that are too good to be true. Her relationship with Shoji is doomed – she whines that he doesn’t make time for her, but when they are together she constantly accuses him of cheating. When the store she works at closes, she realizes she’s spent all her savings and can barely afford her rent.

 She convinces Nana O and Nobu they need to get Blast back together and try to make it big! Yasu, their old drummer, moves to Toyko to join up, and they recruit Shin as a bass player. Shin’s got some skeletons in his closet, not to mention that he’s a 15 year old school drop out. Both Nana’s try to mother Shin, but he seems like he knows what he’s doing. Nana K still doesn’t know about Nana O’s relationship with Ren, how he was the bassist of their old band, and ditched them to be part of Trapnest.

 Meanwhile, Shoji is becoming friendly with a girl he works with, Sachiko. He has no interest in cheating on Nana (even though the relationship clearly isn’t working), but what’s a guy to do when Sachiko makes it obvious she wants to be more than friends? Nana is has been suspicious that he’s been cheating for weeks, maybe Sachiko is an easy out, and an easy lay.

 Depressed by the break up, Nana perks up when her Trapnest concert tickets come in the mail. She’s madly in love The concert is in her hometown, and she asks Nana O to go with her. Is Nana O ready to see Ren? Is Ren interested in seeing her? Is Nana O make it big with her band and still be seen as more than just some rock star’s girlfriend? When Nana K finds out some of the truth about Nana O and Ren, she makes it her personal mission to hook them up.    

Rock and roll, sex and drugs, love and heartbreak. And fashion pr0n like you’ve never seen.

 Ai Yazawa, I love you so much!!

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